Visions and Dream

[level-member]You may think that the last two posts did not have anything to do with the dream posts I started with. If we read the piety post it does add some useful background information. Some of the emotions we need to contend with are those revolving around piety. Whether or not it is an action or emotion it’s something we will need to deal with as the human population expands, competition increases, and control becomes more crucial. Now graphics don’t have a lot to do with dreams unless as in this post they were inspired by a dream

Art of Andrew Ledford I used to paint my dreams - This is one part of a multi piece project
Art of Andrew Ledford I used to paint my dreams – This is one part of a multi piece project

My original vision was to make the world a better place and I still see this as necessary for human survival. We need to keep the Earth habitable for as long as possible. There are several reasons for this. The first is, at the moment this is the only place we have. Humanity is quite dependent on a healthy Earth. The second is before we can work toward very long term survival solutions we need to develop a more accepting and cooperative nature. To develop long term survival strategies we will need to value goodness as much or more than we value wealth and money. Valuing goodness as much as wealth is more complicated than it sounds.

Fortunately modern societies are moving in that direction. Some quicker than others. I fear the United States of America is not the leader in this realm of human endeavor


Dog training mat used as a point of reference in dog training and for language acquisition
Dog training mat used as a point of reference in dog training and for language acquisition

Here is a dog training mat I made after having a dream. I remember my girlfriend at the time (now ex) chastising me for getting up around 3:00 in the morning to draw and write about my dream. The mat has many uses but I thought two are most significant. The first is to teach psychomotor skills, especially footwork for dog training. I have developed what my exgirlfriend said were drill that are too simple for anyone to practice. Girls have an insight I should listen to more often. I think she was right. I agree many of these exercises do seem simple but there is a difference in performance between people who practice the drills and those who don’t.

The second use of the mat is more interesting. The second use of the mat is to for something I have been thinking about for many years and that is for teaching language acquisition. Since I only speak English I am thinking of using it to teach English as a second language through dog training. But it would be a great way for a country to exert soft power. I always thought it would be a good way for a small county like Taiwan to exert soft power by using it to teach Chinese to developed countries with a dog culture. The original story about using dog training to teach a language is a story for another time. I think it will be elaborated on in a future post.

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4 thoughts on “Visions and Dream”

  1. This was interesting to me Andrew, I love understanding human behavior and I think your mind works in really unorthodox ways but if one stops to take each of your thoughts one at a time, then I think we can distill what you’re saying. I look forward to reading more posts that expand on these notions.

  2. Hi Andrew, I want to give you kudos for getting up and writing down your dreams when you have them. I believe that dreams reveal useful insight and intense creativity, and often as we wake up, every moment that we inch towards coherency, we are losing the inspiration that was so vivid while dreaming. You’ve managed to capture an idea that is multi-faceted and can be applied to many different learning situations. I’m curious to see how you continue to reveal your thought processes and outcomes.

  3. I love that you have painted your dreams! That is something that I need to try. I too, dream vividly, and wake in a panic sometimes with crazy thoughts of fantastic things and places. I haven’t figured out how to wake up enough to jot down my dreams without ruining my chances to sleep the rest of my downtime off… I’m looking forward to trying techniques such as Janet ^ suggests — perhaps recording a mumbling?! Looking forward to reading more about thoughts on greater, deeper communication between all people.

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