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Yes I am continuing with a separate video section for a second week in a row. I’m thinking of breaking these news posts up with other specialty post in the future.

The first article is about using video in 2015. The first rule in this article is keep videos short. I somewhat disagree with this principle but I do agree that the first video a person sees from your business should be short 50 to 90 seconds. I need to mention that I personally break this rule for my dog training business. Although when I redo my introduction videos I may do it in two parts one about 90 seconds long. The second tip from this post is use good framing and don’t ignore the language of video/film. Tip three is to post your video on Instagram. If you read my last blog post you will know that the top social media people think 2015 will be the year of Instagram. Tip four is to engage and interact with your following, especially on YouTube.

YouTube 4 Tips To Follow in 2015
YouTube 4 Tips To Follow in 2015

Next we have some information about the big video news for the beginning of the year and that is Twitter’s Video Player. The Twitter Video Player is the wild card in social media video for 2015. It could be a really big hit, or it could be just another video platform we need to consider. The FaceBook push into video is also something to watch. I think FaceBook video will become more popular in 2015. I do recommend people consider using FaceBook’s video feature as a short term tactic. Once FaceBook video becomes popular they will start charging a fee related to this feature.

Back to the Twitter Player
It will host videos up to 10 minutes and you will be able to upload any size file. This means you can use high quality HD files and in theory it should handle 4K sometime in the near future. In the beginning it will support mp4 and mov files

Guess what, Twitter’s video player is not going to support YouTube videos. Now does that surprise anyone? Twitter wants to carve out their own video niche.

Twitter is not going to allow third parties to sell advertising on their player, or sponsorships or any other monetization that twitter wants to keep for themselves. It will be interesting to see how marketers get around this.

Information About Twitter's Video Player
Information About Twitter’s Video Player

There is a second article on my G+ business page about how Twitter’s Video Player could come to dominate online video. It is an interesting read and could come true. It should give everyone interested in social video a lot to think about and some key Performance Indicators to watch.

Here is a lengthy video on Getting A Grip On YouTube Channels & Playlists. This is a G+ hangout. Hangouts tend to be a bit long and drown out. If you have extra time they are good. If you don’t have extra time then an edited or scripted video might be better to watch.

Speaking of Hangouts On Air you can read an article on the G+ page about How To Structure A Hangout On Air Series. Hint it is much like you would structure a blog series.

Supper charge YouTube
Supper charge YouTube

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