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Video News
Now we get to my favorite part of online and social, yes that’s right, it’s Video time. This month I am experimenting with having a separate video post instead of including the video news with the business post. In the future I may segment the video and business post to make for easier reading (less content per post) and to make searching for content on the site more efficient. Or it may be that I only divide the posts into categories when there is a lot to cover in a month.

Now You Can Own the Website SocialMediaVideo.com

What Are Your Video Goals
What Are Your Video Goals

The first post talks about developing a video strategy incorporating goal oriented content creation using four types of video

  1. Videos designed for improved conversions
  2. Videos made to develop brand awareness
  3. Videos created for paid advertising
  4. Videos designed to get links back to the main website and to get social shares

Are businesses confused about the best way to use video content?
There seems to be a consensus in the social media marketing world that most businesses are confused about the best way to use video content. I have posted another article about different types of video and how to use each one in a business’s marketing plan. Because video is expensive to create and optimize it is important to construct this content for your business objective right from the start. One of the things I like about this article is that it also goes over how to get additional content out of the video shoot itself. Getting additional content that can be used for social media and promotion is something I try to do with many of my shoots, provided I have the manpower to to fulfill this task.

FaceBook Video
What is your FaceBook marketing Strategy? For the first time in history more people are uploading video directly to FaceBook instead of sharing their videos from YouTube. It is even suggested that FaceBook viewers engage more than YouTube viewers. This has me thinking about experimenting with uploading videos to FaceBook. FaceBook is placing a great deal more importance on video and how native FaceBook videos are viewed in the stream. Depending on your audience and your goals I can see FaceBook uploads eating into your YouTube watch time thus negatively affecting your placement in YouTube search.

FaceBook Video News December 2014
FaceBook Video News December 2014

YouTube Search Ranking
I posted a link to a very good article about getting better YouTube search rankings. I incorporate many of these elements into my channel. By using a YouTube optimization system I have seen my visits from YouTube search increase. I know I can do more to get better ranking and more views, but I am thinking about changing the nature of my channel. I don’t want to build a large audience and then start producing totally different content.
Article highlights

  1. In the past YouTube videos with the most views ranked higher. This is no longer true.
  2. Watch Time on YouTube’s is now the number #1 ranking factor
  3. Watch Time is not only how much of your video people watch. It
    is also the total minutes and seconds a viewer watches video on YouTube. This includes how much time a viewer watches of the video that brought them into the site and how much time they spend on the site in total. You want a high retention rate combined with viewing other videos, preferably your own.
  4. Create play lists to encourage a linear viewing experience with a series of videos. This is something I have found very helpful.
  5. Optimize your play list with the YouTube start and end time feature. By doing this you channel will become more like a premium television channel. They also suggest linking to other videos with annotation. Linking is a really good practice that I only do with a few videos. I have to say linking to videos has helped make those videos popular in my channel.
  6. Create a really good and accurate thumbnail photo to represent your video. Misleading thumbnails are no longer a useful tactic for increasing your YouTube ranking.
  7. Build your YouTube subscriber base with interaction and engagement
  8. Use annotations to keep your views engaged with the video
  9. Use interactive end states with links to important content
  10. The article also has a case study of using an international strategy to gain improved search rankings. I added that video towards the end of this post.

Vine is a 6 second iOS video app and this article will go over the basics of using Vine as well as some video techniques for using the app.

I want to end the post with a great video explaining how to become the most popular personality on YouTube

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