Time to Become Self Sufficient

Is it time to become more self sufficient? We now have the technology to allow the average citizen to provide for more of their own needs. I am thinking electricity and food. With the current electric outage to over a million people in the United States of America it’s time we start thinking about each house having the capacity to generate its own electricity. The power outage is just a preview of what could happen once the stuxnet virus is reengineered to attack American interests.

Being more self sufficient is not only good for citizens, but it may end up being a matter of national security. Even if each household produced 25 percent of their own electricity and food we would be better prepared for a national emergency. Being prepared could give America or any country that implements a self-sufficiency policy an advantage in the event of a large scale emergency. Not only would it help if America was attacked by a reengineered computer virus, but it could help in other crises as well.

The crisis I currently hear business people talking about is hyper inflation. May small business people think hyper inflation is in our future. A self-sufficiency policy could save the lives of thousands of Americans if there is an economic collapse caused by hyper inflation.