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[level-member]My friend William Bloomberg has started a new blog called the Piety Project. Yesterday’s post “What is Piety?” has helped enlarge my definition of religion and piety even further. It also has me rethinking how to implement change without causing harm.

This is an interesting definition of piety. And it contains some clues to an emotion I am interested in. Perhaps I should call this emotion piety? The emotion or emotions I’m referring to are many of the isms. When I examine the isms, a whole lot of them appear to have common elements. However, if I did use pity as a reference to the isms it would taint the word for more benevolent uses. What word to use for negative isms is something to think about. Do any of my readers have a suggestion?

Petroglyph in Arizona
Petroglyph in Arizona

Here is the definition of piety from William’s blog

“Piety implies showing reverence or devotion to a deity, relationship, and community in which both duty and virtue come to mind[3]. Pious[4] is close to the Latin word religio[5] meaning respect for what is sacred. Yet, W. Warde Fowler suggests that religio is not a virtue “but a feeling” (462). This would place it more along the lines of reverence in which the feeling leads a person to an action.”

William’s blog post What Is Piety seem to take a traditional approach to what people think of as religious. I think that it’s a rather safe position to take. I tend to stretch the meaning of religion to the boundaries of that emotion. Not so safe and if it wasn’t for the blog challenge I may not even write about it.

Here is another part of the post I find quite true

The Alamo
The Alamo

“The term “religious” tends towards manifesting right or true beliefs and observances.

This would lead me to the conclusion that religious beliefs and emotions include more than worshiping a god.

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