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Vision and dream quests

I don’t know if I have discussed a vision or dream quest before now.

The first vision I write much about was from my birthday around the turn of the century. This is the vision that contributed to organizing the seven points of reference that eventually led to the seven track system. It was a kind of what needs to be done to live a good life vision. The main purpose was to reveal what is needed for human survival (as in the species) and a way to cultivate peace. It’s a way to cultivate personal peace and it can at least show a way for world peace. Since then I have had to acknowledge there are a lot of people who do not want world peace.

Sometimes the rules of nature sound like nonsense. But for many social animals peace comes from aggression. We need to take this rule and make it so there is no aggression in the aggression. Not even a hint. Now that is going to take some doing.

I don’t know what it will take but I think I have some clues. When I used to go to Taiwan I would try to fully explore a new subject during my stay. Such as how a person’s orientation affects them. I would watch people in a culture that was different from the one I came from and I would watch the dogs. Very insightful. I am thinking I need to take a month and do the same for one of the new clues I’ve been thinking about. Again, reading plays a big part in these trips of discovery. I try to read a couple books about the subject before I leave and a book about the subject while there.

Developing The 7 Track System
Developing The 7 Track System. All the paper are old notes I’ve collected over many years and there are also a few print outs. I did the print outs because I didn’t know how long my computer battery would last.

I developed the seven track system by reducing some key insights into seven elements and then borrowing ideas from the famous 12 step program. The 12 step program seems to be a good ways of creating a self replicating system. Even this process was modified by a dream I had while camping in the desert.

Camping On An Exposed High Bench On A Desert Mountain
Camping On An Exposed High Bench On A Desert Mountain

The last three pictures are from one of my more insane and scary dream quests. It was a dream I just could not wake up

Camp Fire On A Desert Mountain Before The Bad Dream
Camp Fire On A Desert Mountain Before The Bad Dream

from. I have not camped at that place since. It’s on an exposed high bench. From that position I could see people coming when they

My Truck Down TheMountain And At The End Of Road
My Truck Down The Mountain And At The End Of The Road

where over five miles away. It had occurred to me not to

have a camp fire that night, but as you can see, I did. This used to be one of my favorite places. I still enjoy it, however it is now a little spooky. It’s interesting how we develop attachments to and fear of places. I would say this quest was most likely the coincidence of a very bad dream and interference unintentionally or intentionally of military hardware or personnel. It was right next to a military bombing range and

close to a navy seal training facility. They could have just been screwing with me. I probably won’t say a lot more about this dream.

I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have a lot of time for camping, so if I am camping in the desert I’m probably on some kind of quest. That could change if I ever start a YouTube video series on the desert. Usually I go out on dream quests, Vision quests take a lot more effort and energy, and they are something of a gamble. There is a good chance no vision will occur. With a dream quest there’s no big investment of effort and if there is no dream at least there is a chance to get some desert pictures. I may do anther vision quest in a few years. Usually there is some preparation for visions or dreams in the desert. Perpetration for visions can include meditation and/or fasting. When I was younger I would also do intense Chinese or Korean energy exercises. Often my perpetration will also include a good deal of reading and study. Dreams at home are more spontaneous.

Tomorrows main post will probably be on my dog training website

Wishing you the very best in dreams and the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford