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This Week in Philanthropic Tech and News

A bit more than a week in tech that can help our world right now. I am interested in technology that will let humans reach other galaxies, but I am also interested in technology that can be use right now to make the world a better place. In fact the mission of my non profit will be to make the world a better place.

Today I will mention the tech that I curated from a bit over a week on my Google + page. This is tech that can help people now, some of it will be most useful for developing nations and some for developed counties.

Urine into electricity
The first is a urine generator/battery. I’ve never heard about one of these before. Now that sounds like a good way to kill two problems with one solution. This was not developed by General Electric, or Honeywell, or Eveready. Who made the breakthrough? It took three teenage girls in Africa to develop this invention.

Open-source cell phone network
Do you think the cell phone companies are over charging for their service? Are the cell phone providers in cahoots to keep prices high? Help may be on the way with open source cell phone towers.

Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine
Wind power can be an important source of energy in some regions. Now there is a quite bird friendly windmill with no blades that operates a little like and audio speaker.

The Worlds Tablet Computer
Do you think a $200 tablet is a good deal? How about a $20 tablet? That is what one company is going to do, build and sell $20 tablets.

Beyond Free will
Because we are pretty much controlled by our personal rules and our cultural rules I thought this was an important video for people to consider. Understanding this concept could help us move toward a more just society. It could also help us become more productive while feeling like we have the free will to choose whether we are more productive or not.

A belief in free will touches nearly everything that human beings value.

I have talked to a few Occupy Wall St. folks and have my opinion about the people and the movement. I am planning on doing a post about this in the future.

Occupy Wall St
Now there is a story that even the mainstream can agree with. A group of Occupy Wall St. folks decided to work within society’s cultural rules and are doing good in a way that even a conservative might be able to agree with.

Occupy Wall St. Offshoot Aims to Erase People’s Debts

Refrigeration to help low income household in Africa
I found this story about an evaporation powered refrigerator interesting. I have seen similar coolers before. But I always like to see variations on this theme. There is a good chance that this idea could be improved upon and be made something really special.

That’s it for this week

As always I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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