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Dog Owners Lose Weight?

Dog owners How much weight do you want to lose?

As I get a little older I seem to gain weight a bit easier and it takes a whole lot more work to get rid of it. I am planning on doing a lose weight and train your dog Google hangout. Is anyone interested? It will involve light exercise.

I was told that giving nutritional advice is against the law. So please don’t take anything I say as nutritional advice. If you would like nutritional advice please consult a licensed nutritionist. Any nutritional information at this time is just my personal preference.

I bet what I eat gets better when I start growing my own vegetables.

I suspect finding a time that is good for the majority of people will be difficult.

My friend Cliff Cardin wrote a blog post yesterday about weight loss. Basically the program will follow most of his main points. Cliff says there are four areas he sees as common to all weight loss programs. I think he does mention this information is from popular weight loss books. He’s giving his observation not nutritional advice. Of these four, I plan to focus on three

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and to this I will add eat less processed foods
  2. Consume fewer calories
  3. Exercise

I have never done a program like this before, so for the most part it will be free. Free in that you will not be paying any dollars to me. However, I am thinking of taking donations. What am I charging participants. Well calories of course. It was my idea that participants could donate the calories they are not consuming. These need to be valid and wholesome calories, no junk calories allowed. This means no cookies, candies, or other empty calorie foods. I would actually rather have fewer calories than empty calorie.

Since I am not giving any nutritional advice if you would like to eat more calories and lot and lots of fat I am not going to tell you not to. In fact it will be interesting to see how that works. But then you won’t be able to contribute those calories to someone who really needs them.

There are still a few things that need to be worked out. One is someplace to store all those calories. I’m not going to store them on my belly. One idea is to get a small storage shed to keep at my place. But I don’t have much extra room. There may be a need to find a volunteer who will let me keep a few extra calories at their location. Then it’s a matter of getting or perhaps having someone help us make a storage shed.

There is also some hesitation on my part introducing people to my training drills. There is a good chance no one will actually want to do them. It is a big experiment. It may not even be important if the other parts of the program work for the individual.

I have started reading through much of my writings and have decided I need to rewrite most of the motivational material (meditations). I would say I am not quite ready.

I think I will be picking up my first shed today. This will let me clear my living room of furniture. That is step one to getting my social enterprise, someday nonprofit, started. Step two will either be building my aquaponics garden or getting the storage for surplus food.

There is a chance I will need to start the dog rescue for this project as well. A rescue will take more in the way of dollars. I’m trying to put the rescue off until I become somewhat established.

I am not sure about how I will distribute the donated calories. I suspect I will run into laws and regulations that’ll hamper helping those in need. Do you have any suggestions?

I have recently been thinking that the best way to help people may be to form a church. How do my readers feel about this?

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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