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Breeding dogs, pet shops, and dog rescue

Purebred dogs have a real purpose and there is defiantly something to be said for getting a dog from a reputable breeder Those of you who know me also  know I like mixes. The good old, world renowned, mutt can be a very good dog.

Purebred German Shepherd Dog
Purebred German Shepherd Dog

I have seen a lot of behavior and physiological problems in pet store dogs. While many problems occur because of bad pet store management, not all pet stores are run baddy. Going hand in hand with pet store puppies are puppy mills. Yes I am in favor of eliminating puppy mills. As a society we do need to find a way of controlling dogs in pet shops and large breeding facilities. However, over the years it’s been my observation that many times anti breeding laws go too far.

The fewer dogs a city governments need to deal with the more money they will have for other project. Under these conditions I am always a little careful about giving carte blanche to the government.

Lucky is a dog I temperament tested and helped rescue
Lucky is a dog I temperament tested and helped rescue

Many of you know I want to start a dog rescue. So I am not against rescuing dog, in fact you could say I advocate adopting homeless dogs. On the other hand most of you know I really appreciate a well bred dog.

One of my dreams is to someday have a fairly complex breeding program. The breeding program I envision would be on a large scale. It would be on a large scale even compared to most large breeding kennels. An operation on this magnitude would also be quite expensive to build and maintain. I believe it would need to be part of another supporting project. I think it would work if it was the center of a poverty reduction project in a developing country. There is probably enough poverty in America now, but I have always found our laws too restrictive to actually help anyone with this model. Although there are variations I am exploring. The breeding program would provide a good deal of evidence to either support or disprove my ideas about breeding and dogs, and how breeding programs can affect societies.
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