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New Google Plus Feature – Pin Post To Top Of Page

Google plus added a great new feature on Wednesday the 3rd of December. Now you can pin a post to the top of the conversation from either a personal profile or a business page . This means your most important posts will not get buried in the page as you add more content.

Post To The Top Of The Page's Conversation
Google Plus Pinning Post To The Top Of The Page’s Conversation

Being able to keep my most important posts at the top will encourage me to post more on the days I am promoting a blog or video. In the past I did not want to bury my important posts so I just did not post much on or around those days.

A Pinned Post On Google Plus
A Pinned Post On Google Plus

Here is a video explaining post pinning

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Are Your Community Group Posts, Social, Broadcasting, or Spam?

Is posting in a community or group social?

For me deciding which community to share a post in is part of being social.

How to politely post and promote in Google Plus Communities

While I was deciding which communities I wanted to add one of my latest blog posts to it occurred to me that I was using social connection to make the decision. I manage a large Google Plus community so I am perhaps more aware of the value a post can have for a community than most people are. A good post enhances a community’s value to its members. Now I am not so sure the post in question will have a lot of value or not for people. However, I think it is the kind of post social media people would find thought provoking.

Google+ Communities
Google+ Communities

I believe the owners and moderators in a community influence which communities I post in. At least which ones I post in first. There are also communities with strict rules about posting that make me a little hesitant. But I know how posting a lot of links in a community can be detrimental to the user experience, so I understand the policy. In fact my Dogs community is heavily moderated.

There is always the largest community in a category and it is tempting to want to post where the most people will see it. I am not so sure I agree with this. It often depends on if the community is well moderated and the culture of the group. I think there can be some advantages to posting in smaller communities. I do admit I also use the activity level in a community and the quality of posts as additional variable in making the posting decision.

Then there is the option of spamming all the relevant communities. This is probably the smartest internet marketing tactic. From what I have noticed blogs that do spam get more readers than those who are more polite. However, I really hate it. If I see someone doing this I will remove their post from my communities, so I try not to do it to others. In fact I think it’s a bit disrespectful and the opposite of social. There are a good number of G+ community owners who agree and think over posting is both spam and is anti social. If a person spams all the communities there is no need to carefully consider their posting decision.

Another thing I consider when posting in a community is if it is a private community.
A courteous posting practice is to post in only 1 community at a time. If posing to more than one community make each post different. I also try post at different times of the day. I believe it is even better to post on different days. That still leaves the decision of who’s community to post in first.

As well as trying to find the best communities to post in during the first part of 2014 I am trying to find the best posting intervals. I plan on experimenting with posting schedules during the first quarter of the year. With that said there are some communities that seem to encourage broadcast posting. I can see being more lenient with posting in these communities after you have posted in your target communities.

Here are some general guidelines I am trying to follow in my posting to communities

  • Pick the most relevant community to post in.
  • Don’t add the same post to several communities on the same day
  • Don’t share a post from one community to another one. Instead, create a new post for the second community. You may see me sharing between communities when I own both communities and I want to promote a new community.
  • Add commentary to each post
  • Make the commentary different for each community. The commentary should add a little extra value to the post
  • Consider the value a post will have for the community. The post should be relevant to the group as well as educate and/or entertain, don’t post just to get clicks – don’t click bait
  • Post in groups where I know many of the members, moderators, or the owner
  • Post in well moderated groups

There is more to making a group post than getting it in a community. Once the post is made then it’s time to listen. It’s time to monitor how well posting in that community is working for you. How much traffic came from the community? How much engagement did you get? Did anyone share the post? Did it contribute to interesting new people adding you to their circles? Did it contribute to you adding interesting new people to your circles? Over time did it contribute to any income directly or indirectly? I also consider if the post contributed something to the community I shared it in. Did it make the community I contributed to a little better?

I am wishing you the very best in business and in life,
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