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YouTube News

A lot has been going on with YouTube. They have a new state of the art studio for creators in the Los Angeles area and they redid their Creator Playbook & Creator Hub.

The new studio is for qualified creators. I am not sure what that means. But I don’t think it includes me. The new studio is in a building that Howard Hughes once used. It sounds like they have just about everything a YouTube producer could want. Cameras, green screen, sound stages, back lot, post production facilities, and more.

The best part is it’s free to use, provided you are one of those qualified creators.

Adaptive Dog Training YouTube Channel
Adaptive Dog Training YouTube Channel

It looks like YouTube is going to have a big push for people to link their YouTube account with their Google+ profiles.

I have mentioned this an older post, so this is the update. Soon YouTube will give you a chance to link to business pages, what they call a plus page. While YouTube doesn’t have this feature at the moment they do have the ability to prepare for the change. how do you get ready to connect YouTube and Plus? You will need to associate your business YouTube Channel to your Business Google Plus page. Do this by making sure your YouTube account is the owner of manager of your plus page.

The other big news is that YouTube has added more information to their creators Creator Playbook. I have not gone all the way through the new information. It does explain some of the changes and tells how to use the new features. One change that I am sure most of my readers are aware if is their new method of ranking a video. Videos are now ranked higher for the amount of time spent watching them as opposed to how many times the video is clicked.

Additionally YouTube is now able to add captions to videos in six additional languages. These are German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch.

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P.S. after I posted this blog YouTube came out with a new feature. We knew it was coming and it looks like today is the day. You can now link websites with annotations. Here is the link telling a little more about it. I will need to add a bit more latter.