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Business Social Media Posts December 2014

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Welcome to my social media activity for December. This is where I highlight the content I have curated on Social media. I’m planning on doing my curated business content every other week and will also use the same schedule for my personal curations on alternate weeks.

Is WordPress Ready to Revolutionize Online Publishing – Again
What could be the biggest news in my social stream is a few months old. This event happened in April, but with the New Year fast approaching I have started to really consider its importance to online publishing. WordPress bought an online publishing company called Scroll Kit. The new addition to WordPress could threaten Tumblr’s rise. ScrollKit will let one person publish content that used to require large content production teams to create.

Business Social Media December 2014
Business Social Media December 2014

There are a couple of posts about building better business websites. If you’re thinking about building your first website or re-launching an old site I would recommend taking a look at these two articles.
Article 1
Building Better Business Websites – Strategy 2
Building Better Business Websites: Strategy 3:

Do you need some advice on rebranding your identity online? This is something I have been working on. While I have been involved with building websites, online marketing, and social media communities for over 16 years most people do not know about that aspect of my life. Just about everyone thinks of me as the dog trainer.

I do have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) article on the page. I found this article quite helpful and think it is something people unfamiliar with SEO should read. I often see companies advertising for SEO jobs that really should read this article too. Often I see that a business wants to hire someone based not on just one, but several of these Search Engine Optimization myths.
The article is called 27 biggest myths about SEO

LinkedIn’s SlideShare
There is a good basic article on what SlideShare is and using it for B2B Lead Generation. I think one of the most interesting bits of information in this article is that soon SlideShare’s pro features will be free.

For those of you getting started with Pinterest I have an article that will give you some ideas about how to start using this photo sharing social network.
When people think of advertising online most of us think first of Google AdWords and then FaceBook ads. Well Yahoo is making a comeback in the form of mobile advertising and it may be a useful advertising platform for your business.

Social Media Curated Business Posts December 2014
Social Media Curated Business Posts December 2014

Yahoo’s social blogging site Tumblr made it into the page stream again. I have written about Tumblr’s gain in popularity in the past and it looks like more and more social media people are starting to take notice of Tumblr too. This article is about using Tumblr for job recruitment. Now that is something I have never thought of using Tumblr for. But I do have my eye on a few people who would make great guests for my Television/ITV/YouTube show

Microsoft Language Translation
I was interested in working for a Chinese language teaching company helping them with their online community management and social media so I have been paying a little more attention to this area than usual. If you know me you know I am quite interested in language and I have been trying to follow what Microsoft is doing with language translation. I posted an article that tells about Microsoft finally releasing their translation technology for beta testing through Skype. The first language being tested is Spanish. I have a feeling that German is next on the release schedule. In my opinion it will be some time before they release a Japanese or Chinese version.

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What is online marketing? It Is Communication

The first thing I want to mention for those who are overwhelmed by online marketing is that it is basically communication. Communicating a message is the same thing businesses have always done. Online marketing is just another way to get the message out.

Google wants to be your master and own the internet
Google wants to own the internet

I would say it’s much more challenging to get your message seen now than it was in the late 90s and early 2000s. With each day online distribution is owned more and more by big businesses such as Google and FaceBook. New media is becoming a lot like old media where you need to pay if you want to have accesses to distribution. It used to be that businesses were a lot more equal and people a lot more likely to engage.

We are lucky that there are still emerging online platforms that don’t charge a fee. Some platforms worth looking at are Google Plus, YouTube, LinketdtIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, I also think Tumblr and Instagram have potential for some businesses. Even the short format videos of Vine can sometimes be used for effective communication. While these platforms are free to use, online marketing has never been completely free. It has always required content creation and content creation takes time, skill, and resources. Time, skill, and resources cost money.

It used to be all a local business needed to do was create useful content and they could do fairly well online. I noticed that changing when Google decided to get into local search. There are other factors as well, such as now there are more local businesses competing for online attention. But the main reason content alone doesn’t work as well as it once did is because of the algorithms used by gatekeepers that dish out online information.

Search engine optimization = SEO, is the art of optimizing online content to get high ranking in search engines. Online content is usually optimized for key words. Keyword optimization is changing with the adoption of new search engine technologies.

One of the current search technologies being developed is semantic search. Google’s Hummingbird update was a major change incorporating a new semantic search algorithm. Semantic search tries to understand the meaning of what a person wants information about. When I was much younger I read California Senator Hayakawa’s book on semantics, and as I remember, understanding semantics is not always easy for our human brains let alone a 2014 computer.

In the near future computers will be coming online that should be able to understand intentions. However, they are not in widespread use. (It’s interesting to note that Google’s lead on one of their main artificial inelegance projects just switched sides and is now working for a Chinese company.) I need to mention with their new algorithms Google seems to now be serving me a lot more irrelevant information. But then I am often looking for more esoteric information than where to buy something. It is common for me to be researching information for one of my cable TV shows and Google has a hard time not giving me commercial search results. I remember when Google was the only place to search for academic and hard to find information. It still is, but now it is geared a lot more to serving ads.

Which brings me back to good content alone won’t always get you top ranking in search.

What Is Quality Content

Most search engines are looking for what They call quality content. Defining quality turns out to be a somewhat complex semantic problem. My definition of quality is often quite different than a search engines definition. I think a more accurate definition of search engine quality is Popular.
Search engines are more likely to serve up popular content over quality content. From what I have seen popular usually triumphs quality. Of course many times quality content is also popular, but not always.

Another problem with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is that it can be fickle, changing at the whim of search engines. We are also seeing this same kind of change occurring on large social sites. It is best to have a plan that does not rely on one form of information distribution. This is especially true for distribution channels you do not own. We need to learn how to use these Massive Online Distribution channels but we probably should not become wed to them.

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Veterinary Marketing and Social Media

I talked with the front office staff and some vet techs at five veterinarian practices yesterday. As we were chatting I ask if they knew what Google Hangouts were and none of them knew.

This is a screen capture of my Dogs Community on Google Plus.
This is a screen capture of my Dogs Community on Google Plus. I used to work on this site up to 16 hours a day. At the time of this post it is the 18th largest public community on Google+

While I invited the practices to do a hangout on air with me I am quite sure none of them will find time for this type of promotion. It does seem that Veterinary practices are reluctant to embrace online marketing.

In the late 90s and early 2000s I tried to get many veterinary practices to get a website and most did not want one until well into the 2000s. Some still don’t have one.

Before Google focused on local I could help many vet practices with their online marketing by putting them in one of my local directories. Generally if I made a page for the practice I could get them to rank fairly well in search engines. Then I would add updates when I talked to them every few months. Directories do not do as well as they used to.

Now I am focusing more on social media. There are some great tools out there. One problem is that many social media tools require a big time investment. I am working on developing systems where pet professionals can piggyback on my social media. Doing Google Hangouts is one area that can help. Hangouts can be done as a simple chat or they can be leveraged into something more than a talking heads video. While they do require some preproduction preparation they can be reused on many platforms such as embedding them into a website or on other social media

I am offering to help local veterinarians with their online and social media. Just give me a call and we can set up an appointment. I serve Southern California mainly Orange County, Long Beach, the Los Angeles area, San Gabriel Valley, and the Western Inland Empire. I am also be open to talking with people in the Palm Springs area. If you are outside my normal working area we can still talk on the phone or do a Google Hangout.

I am wishing you the very best in dogs and in life,
Andrew Ledford

Content Creation / Strategy Takes Time Effort and Creativity

I am now in the process of implementing a content strategy I designed for a potential client who is also in the pet industry. It turns out the client didn’t hire me so I am free to use the plan for my own business. As I’m working my new plan I realize I was going to significantly under charge for my time, skill, and expertise.

The New Media Guy Creating Community Video
The New Media Guy Creating Community Video

I am familiar with doing video, so I know it can be time consuming and I know that writing takes me a bit of time as well. Web development also requires an investment of time and resources and these were budgeted for. However, I did not anticipate the integration of all the online and offline elements to be as time consuming as they are turning out to be.

Online marketing is becoming more complex with the need for social media. Social media adds an extra step in getting your message to those Who need to hear it.

It used to be I wrote an article and took a few photos. Then did some editing of the text and papered the photos in a photo editor. Next I would post the article and let the search engines index the page. A few other sites would link to my page and I would be good to go.

Here I am as Mr. New Media. I only used two cameras on this day, but I was carrying three. Getting the photos, video, and story is just one part of online content creation.

Now I need to write fewer words but more often and I need to take and edit both photos and video. Even when the page is live I need to work at promoting the page through social media. To make matters worse people don’t link to websites or even comment on websites like they used to. Now a lot of website interaction takes place off the website and on social sites. Another variable that will influence online visibility is author ranking. If author rank is not already influencing search engine results it is defiantly on its way.

Take into account personalized search and the fact that one of your competitors can kick you out of your Google search rank by getting low ranking sites to link to your site and online marketing for the small business is getting harder. Bottom line is online marketing is no long a level playing field. It is become dominated by those who are willing or can afford to pay. It has always been this way but now the price to play is going way up. This is good for those who own the internet but not so good for the many very small businesses who are struggling to keep local communities viable.