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YouTube Merchandise Annotations

Andrew Video Taping a Dog Event
Andrew Video Taping a Dog Event

I have been hearing that this would be available and today it is. Now you can link directly to your merchandise as long as it’s sold by Google approved venders. Even with these limitations it’s an improvement. I also heard they were going to eliminate the YouTube Merch Store and it looks like today that has started.

From what I understand merchandise is one of the main revenue streams for web series or webisodes. At least it used to be when I was hanging around that crowd. Conditions (the rules) can change pretty quickly online. What was effective last year may be just so so this year or perhaps even extinct.

The other requirement is the annotation link can only go to your own merchandise. I imagine this is to prevent excessive affiliate linking. Although I’m sure an affiliate marketer will find a way around this little impediment. Here is a quote from the YouTube Creators Blog “we require that your Merch Annotations only link to your own licensed merchandise”

Just about everywhere I go in the Google Empire, Google/YouTube is warning about keeping people on the video for as long as possible instead of immediately sending them to buy merchandise.

You must be a partner to use this new feature. Go to here to get directions on how to use the Annotations tool. To get more general information about YouTube annotations try looking at the Getting Started with Annotations.

List of YouTube approved venders

  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Spreadshirt
  • District Lines
  • Topspin
  • Cafepress
  • Jinx
  • Shopify
  • Songkick

One author generated merchandise site I find conspicuously missing is Amazon.

Here is the YouTube Creators blog post

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