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Puppet building Injury from Hot Glue Burn

While doing one final mod on the puppet I received a rather painful burn from hot gluing some pieces together. This is not the first time this has happened and a few days ago I had another minor injury doing this build.

It took the top layer of skin right off and blistered the finger too. I made a tool to prevent this sort of thing from happening, however, I needed to get these pieces together quickly and thought, I’ll just give it a little push.

Puppet Building Injury Burn From Hot Glue
Puppet Building Injury Burn From Hot Glue

It doesn’t look like much, but it does make working on the computer difficult. You never realize how much that finger is used until it hurts to use it.

I hope I’ll be able to do my test video later today. I have a feeling that my blister is going to rub on the mouth mechanism. But I do have a plan – I think it will be fine if I tape it up.

I am posting this to remind myself the pain and effort that went into building my Scarecrow. I plan on offering my services to businesses for promotions. I will offer a lot of value in the way of promotion and community visibility, the question is, will anyone compensate me – $$$? Until I develop a following I plan on doing street performances.

My new Twitter is https://twitter.com/ScarecrowShow
The first Scarecrow site is http://longbeachscarecrow.com/

If you want to hire the Scarecrow send a message or call.