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Historic California Trail That Was Actively used In 1776

While most people in America are celebrating the 4th of July and American independence as the most important history of 1776, I am exploring history on the other side of the continent. The west has a very significant trail that most people have never heard of. There are a lot of places named after the explorer who pioneered this trail, so most Californians are familiar with the name. I am referring to Juan Bautista De Anza. De Anza was the first European to establish an overland route to California across the deserts of Arizona and California to the Pacific coast. He also found an inland trail to San Francisco bay.

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Thought For The Day Rules Are A Product Of History

A thought for the day
Rules are a product of a history

History 1913 Ford Speedster
History 1913 Ford Speedster

We need to accept that our behavior is a product of the rules we follow. Rules are a product of a history. Our past history is our fate but we can change the future by managing the history of tomorrow, today. We manage today’s behavior and tomorrow’s history by changing and/or adding to our rules.
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I'm Cute And I Have Rules
I’m Cute And I Have Rules

This is easily seen when training dogs, but it applies to other areas of life as well. Our dogs are following certain rules and so do the humans in the family. In order to change the dog’s rules, it’s the human’s responsibility to change the rules or add new ones. Changing the rules the dog lives by will require changing or adding to the rules the human lives by.

I was watching a video earlier today that was telling about a time when people held animals accountable for their behavior. This was done much in the manner that we hold people accountable. It even included trials. One interesting bit of information is that in the bible it recommends stoning animals that misbehave. Fortunately I have not known anyone to do that. But it is quite common to kill misbehaving animals.

How we treat animals says as much or more about people than it does about animals.

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