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How to send a private message on Google Plus

How to send a private message on Google Plus
Start by clicking in the message box

Private Post Google Plus 1
Private Post Google Plus 1

Add a + symbol

Private Post Google Plus 2
Private Post Google Plus 2

Start typing the person you want to contact
Google will bring up people they think you want to address the post to. Click on the desired account.

Private Post Google Plus 3
Private Post Google Plus 3

Make sure to close any contacts other than the one you want to communicate with by clicking the X.

Private Post Google Plus 4
Private Post Google Plus 4

Click the Share button

Good luck and

I am wishing you the very best,


Google Plus Collections Two Months Out

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I have found the new Google Plus collections a useful new G+ feature. The one caveat is that they do encourage me to spend more time finding and posting interesting content. While content curation is less time consuming than content creation, it does require a considerable investment of time. I have started spending a bit more time curating and posting to collections than I would like.

While the new feature does take more time out of the day I am happy to report one of my collections is getting some fairly good traction. My History and Archaeology collection gets quite a few new followers a day. I am guessing it gets between 50 and 100 new followers a day. I am planning on experimenting with posting a new video series in the History and Archaeology collection. The new series I’m working on will be called “Who Speaks For The Ancestors.”

Post From My History and Archaeology Collection
Post From My History and Archaeology Collection

I have always said my Google plus profile stream was like a virtual museum.
The new collections feature has changed how I use Google Plus. This new addition to G+ has also encouraged me to change my daily social media behavior. Instead of having a separate page for posting my Video, social media, and business posts I now post them to separate collections. This does make my main stream busier than I would like it to be. I’m not sure all my G+ friends want to see everything I post. I will probably make future collections opt in only. Right now all of the collections are set to public.

Post From The Video And Entertainment Collection
Post From The Video And Entertainment Collection

On the up side I do like having a separate place to curate video and social media content.

Post From The Geology Minerals Collection
Post From The Geology and Minerals Collection

Google Plus Circle Sharing Is Dead

Google Plus rolled out a new feature the first part of April called Collections, but last week they killed Circle Sharing. Circle sharing was a quick way to build irrelevant followers. A couple years ago I played with this feature. I have about 8 people left in my circles from those I have connected with through circle sharing. This is from maybe a couple thousand that were in the circle shares I participated in.

Circle Sharing Is Dead
Circle Sharing Is Dead

Google plus Collections Released Monday April 4 2015

Google plus released a new feature on Monday called Collections. This feature allows you to collect and group your G+ posts into categories. I think of it like boards on Pinterest.

Google Plus Connections
Google Plus Connections

You can find the Collections feature in the sidebar of your G+ account.

Google Plus Collections Sidebar
Google Plus Collections Sidebar

You can add post to your Collections by going to the Collections page or through the drop down menu where you would normally select posting to public, to a circle, or to a group.

Posting To Google Plus Collections
Posting To Google Plus Collections

You can also put a post you have already published into a Collection by clicking the drop down  arrow in the upper right and selecting Connections.

Google Plus Posts Drop Down Arrow
Google Plus Posts Drop Down Arrow

Next select the Collection you would like to add it to. Then click “move to collection.”

Selecting Google Connections To Move Post
Selecting Google Connections To Move Post

You can move a post from one Collection to another
If you accidentally post to the wrong Collection click on the downward arrow in the upper right also known as the option menu and select Remove post from collection and click on it. Go back to the post an click on the option menu again this time select move post to collection and click. This will bring up the collections menu where you can select the proper collection to for the post.

Sharing Collections
Collections are also sharable. be careful about sharing your collections. There are quite a few people complaining about the over sharing of collections. It appears that some people are using collection sharing as another form of spam. Sharing Collections may be useful if they are shared to a carefully curated circle.
The share a collection go to you collections page and click on the collection you want to share. Under the header art is the name of the collection and to the right are the management tools, click on the arrow. This will bring you to the sharing window. Then you can share as you normally would.



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Google Plus Helpouts is Shutting Down!

I received an email today stating that Google Plus is shutting down their Helpouts. I thought Helpouts were a great idea and signed on early to participate. I was not approved right away and its implementation seemed cumbersome. It was a good idea but right from the beginning I thought Helpouts would be a hard sell to prospective clients. Even free hangouts are a hard sell to those not using Google plus.

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Recap of New Google Features December 15 2014

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Google has been very busy over the last couple of weeks. I have posted about a couple of Google’s new features on this blog. Because of this week’s Google post I plan on sharing my general business social media news next Monday. Today it’s all about Google.

One new features is the ability to pin posts to the top of a G+ page or profile. I imagine this will come in handy for those who post to Google Plus on a regular basis. Pinning an important post to the top of a page will keep critical content from becoming buried.

The other new Google feature I mentioned in a post is the new Google CAPTCHA ‘NoCAPTCHA. A CAPTCHA is that annoying cryptic code that is often needed to prove a person is really human. The problem with some of the CAPTCHAs is that there are now machine that are better at deciphering them than some people. Google is using big data to combat this problem with a new and improver version.

The Biggest News From Google
Probably the most important news from Google occurred when I did not have time to write about. This huge and monumental news will affect all businesses that have a local presents.
Google changed their rules and guidelines for Local / Maps listings.

There are now firm guidelines for businesses that have multiple location as well as businesses that have separate department at the same location.

It does look like the new guideline may cause a good deal of confusion in their implementation. The new guidelines are bound to cause problems, just like the problems that were caused when Google Places became Google Local tied to a Google Plus account.

Another huge change is Google maps. Now everyone is forced to use the new maps. This has some benefits for webmasters and business owners. However, I think it is not as user friendly as the old maps for the average user. I find the features of the old maps that I relied on for my everyday life and business are now not available.

Map features from the official Google support page
Now you can also add these enhanced maps to your Google drive

I believe you can also access your maps on Google drive in your Gmail.

Of much less significance is that there has been a slight design change to the notification bell on our Google Plus pages and profile.

New Google Notification Bell December 2014
New Google Notification Bell December 2014
Notification In New Google Notifications Bell December 2014
Notification In New Google Notifications Bell December 2014

There are a few tricks to navigating with the new notification tray and bell icon. You can still read posts from the new notification tray, but once an item has been clicked on it goes to the old notification try, the lower old bell. Another way to put everything from the new notification tray to the old one is to click on the Mark All As Read icon. I suggest not doing that. clicking the Mark All As Read will make it impossible to find people who have newly circled you.

Google Plus New Notification Tray Don't click on Marked As Read If You Want To See Who Has Circled You
Google Plus New Notification Tray Don’t click on Marked As Read If You Want To See Who Has Circled You


New Notification Tray Marked As Read Icon
New Notification Tray Marked As Read Icon
You Can Still Read Posts From The New Notification Tray The same way as before
You Can Still Read Posts From The New Notification Tray The same way as before
New Notification Tray After Clicking Marked As Read
New Notification Tray After Clicking Marked As Read
Reading Post From The Old Notification Tray
Reading Post From The Old Notification Tray

Reading a post from the old notification tray will take you the post’s page.
I leave the computer for an hour and Google Plus changes.

Google sends out a notice that they are “reverting back to the original notifications experience.”

It looks like on the afternoon of December 16 the old notification bell and tray have vanished. Now we only have one Notification bell and one notification tray. From what I see it looks like the new notification has most of the features of the old one. I have seen some different behavior of the notifications over the last 10 minutes, but it’s probably the bugs being worked out of the new system. I think I better wait a while to finish updating this post

Re-shared post also received a new look and some new features.
Now you have the opportunity to directly comment on a shared post from the notification window. This can be handy for thanking the person that shared. This feature is also good for adding additional commentary to a shared post. It looks like this feature is no longer available.

Reshared Google Plus Post 12-2014 showing annotation of shares on original post with link back to original
Reshared Google Plus Post 12-2014 showing annotation of shares on original post with link back to original post

In addition to commenting from notifications you will now see the number of comments the original post has received with a link back to the original post. The shared post is also surrounded by a grey box.

Another fairly new feature is that the image card now supports a 735×1102 sized portrait image. I haven’t tried this feature yet so I still need to experiment with this one.

One new feature that I do not like is that there is no longer infinite scrolling on your page stream. Infinite scrolling still seems to work for a personal profile. I thought this may be a glitch that would be worked out, but I now think it is a new feature of pages.

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My social media activity the last part of November 2014

I always think my Google Plus personal profile has the most interesting and important information of the week. So it is no surprise I lead with this information.

Saturday I received some very sad news, someone who I have wanted to meet for a while now passed away. Some of you may know I am interested in puppetry. Well a great puppet master from Los Angeles pasted on Friday November 28th. I so wanted to do a TV show about Bob Baker, his career, and his puppets. I am sad to say I will now never have the chance to meet him and share with you his wonderful stories. Events like the passing of Bob Baker make me realize how important it is to find some kind of funding for my local Television show, so I can spend more time sharing the stories of wonderful people and less time trying to pay my bills.
Bob Baker died at the age of 90 – a sad day for puppet lovers everywhere.

Bob Baker Passed November 2014
Bob Baker Passed November 2014

I thought this was of some importance since I genuinely enjoy bats. I have liked watching bats from a very early age. The last time I visited my brother in Texas I was treated to a spectacular bat show at a wonderful bat cave. I think I will always remember that night. There is grave concern about bat populations because of their dwindling numbers caused by a terrible bat disease. I found this article that tells about a non lethal means of diagnosing this deadly bat disease. That’s right, there is now a non lethal way to diagnose the terrible White nose syndrome in bats using Black-Lights.

Dogs are considered the oldest domestic animal and there is new evidence that we had domestic dogs over 30,000 years ago

While dogs may be the oldest domestic animal chickens have been found to be quite old as well. This article suggests that chickens are at least 10,000 years old.

If you think those dogs and chickens are rather ancient consider that the small Hominin remains of China found in 1964 are now considered to be over 500,000 thousand years older than previously thought. This cranium is now believed to be 1.15 million years old

Dogs may be over 30,000 years old
Dogs may be over 30,000 years old

Last week we saw quite a bit of racial tension in the United States and I wanted to mention a post I did about the first African Samurai in Japan. He was incorporated into the Oda Clan towards the end of the Sengoku Period

You may know I am quite interested in ancient rock art called pictographs and petroglyphs. There have been some enlightening and wonderful rock art finds in Southeast Asia. I didn’t even know there was surviving rock art in that part of the world. What a magnificent discovery.

There are two posts about ancient trade routes.
One is about the watery ocean trade routes of the ancient Indian Ocean. The other is about the great Silk Road. These are two fascination stories that influenced world populations, trade, and history.
Trade routes of the Indian Ocean

Mysteries of the 1,700-Year-Old Silk Road Uncovered

Preserving archaeological finds that have been submerged in water for very long periods of time is a significant challenge for researchers. Now there is a new way to preserve artifacts from underwater archaeological sites, you can read more in the article I posted on my G+ profile

Silk Road - New Discoveries
Silk Road – New Discoveries

Social Media

YouTube is adding new features. Two that I am interested in seeing are shared moderation and a GIF maker.
I think shared moderation will be helpful for business accounts. I believe that the GIF maker will make YouTube videos more sharable as micro videos. Micro videos and GIFs are a very popular form of content that also have a very high share rate.

In addition to the new YouTube features I posted an Asian video site because it is supposed to have an innovative form of user generated subtitling. There is a rumor that YouTube may incorporate a similar subtitling feature.

My Happy Thanksgiving G+ video highlights Dogs from the Google Plus Dogs Community

Have you ever heard the phase or a similar one to “they drank the cool aid?” The day I posted this article I read a search engine optimization article that talked about how some SEO companies where giving bad advice to businesses. The businesses that took the bad advice were referred to as those who “drank the cool aid.” Well that phase started from an even that happened November 18th, 1978 when 918 members of the “People’s Temple” cult commit suicide at Jonestown.

Check out my Pinterest account, it is getting close to a milestone in my Pinterest experiment. I will talk more about the Pinterest experiment in future.

As these posts are getting longer I think I will separate my personal profile information from my business pages. I am not sure how the publishing schedule will go, but I would like to do the business information in the middle of the week. What do you think – business first part of the week or personal profile info the first part of the week?

I am wishing you the very best,
Andrew Ledford
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Review of my social media account activity 11-17-14

As usual I will start with Google Plus, because that is where I post the most.

I want to start with two new video cameras
The first is an action camera with a 300° rotating

The second is an innovative 4K camera from JVC. Actually they announced 3 new cameras in this category

You know I like to keep up to date on new media and online video, so it’s no surprise that I have a new YouTube post as well

Andrew's Google Plus 11-14
Andrew’s Google Plus 11-14 Dog and Ancient DNA

Dog Training
I added posts about a new article on my OCDogTraining.com site to most of my social media accounts. This article will give more information about German Shorthaired Pointers than the video I published on YouTube

History, Archaeology, and Paleontology
If you follow me on G+ you will know I like learning about history, archaeology, and paleontology. Well, we have some great articles posted about some remarkable new findings.
Starting with an amazing discovery about the genetic origins of Non-African humanity

Then there is some information about a 1 .5 foot dolphin like amphibian called an ichthyosaur

Andrew's G+ 11-14 Terra-Cotta Warriors and cute gals from a year ago

Andrew’s G+ 11-14 Terra-Cotta Warriors and cute gals from a year ago

Are you interested in the Chinese Terra-Cotta Warriors? You guessed it, there is new information about this incredible historic site.

If you have talked with me you may know I am interested in Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire. There may have been a spectacular new find in this ancient city. However, a construction company tried to hide it so they could profit by its destruction.

My Google Plus Business page has been more active

There is also increased activity on my G+ Business Community

Big news – I changed the profile logo on the Business Lunch Club page. I am always telling people they need to let others know who is posting for the page. Now that I am using this page more I thought I should take my own advice.

Business Profile 11-14
Business Profile 11-14

Video Posts
A post about video production

A Checklist of 8 Best Practices for Successful Video Campaigns

Information about Company Branded Videos

Good advice for your YouTube Channel
Shared from my personal profile stream
How to make your first impressions on YouTube count

Google Plus
Over the last 9 days I have been investigating the role trust plays in not only acquiring new business but also quality talent/employees, and brand supporters. Google too is looking for trust as well as authority

It is probably a good idea for every business to have an active Google Plus Business Page and this article gives advice on building a following.

General online marketing and website posts
Are you concerned about your competition using your brand’s trademark to compete against you?

I have been doing a lot of research on what constitutes building online rust – What are the trust signals people pay attention too?

Using trust signals on a website

Basic trust signals the average person looks for

How Trust Signals Can Double Your Conversions

Social Media Posts
Evidence that Pinterest is becoming more popular with men

Business and Pinterest 11-14
Business and Pinterest 11-14

More information about Pinterest and marketing

How do you use Social Media?
Do you want to know what you should not do with social media if you want to win friends and influence people?

Twitter can be a useful social media platform, did it just get more useful? Twitter’s renewed focus on search engine optimization

Some Twitter tips – 14 Ways to Make Your Twitter Updates More Creative

You may know I like Tumlr and while this post is not on my Tumblr account, it is useful for those who are trying to build a Tumblr following.
“Here are some tips for building followers and using tumblr.”

Search Engines

Do you have a marketing strategy that incorporates SEO?

How to Perform the Ultimate Local SEO Audit

Repost of my “Social Media and SEO is now More than Social Media and SEO” plus a related article from Search Engine Land about “SEO Must Be About More Than Your Website

Email Marketing Posts
The New Gmail Promotions Tab
Gmail is bringing large graphics and infinite scrolling into the Promotions tab:

More Video and Film
We will end the business page posts with my friend’s film festival
The 6th Annual New Media Film Festival®
June 9th & 10th 2015 Los Angeles CA

I think this week I will finish up with my marketing Pinterest board. I am using it to collect interesting advertising art and other relevant marketing ideas.

I am wishing all of you the very best
Andrew Ledford

Andrew’s Social Media for the week prior to 11-4-14

First of November and this year has gone by very quickly. Last week in my social media I started posting more on my Google Plus Business page and I started a new board on Pinterest.

First we will start with my Google plus profile page
A great artistic and archaeological find from what was Baekje. Baekje was one of the old Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Andrew's Google Plus Profile 11-4-14
Andrew’s Google Plus Profile 11-4-14

Next we have a post about an archaeological site that is being explored with new found peace in one of the Kurdish regions that I think is in Turkey. Kurdish Archaeological site

If you like English history and Archaeology you will be pleased to know that you can now download a good many monographs from the English Heritage Publishing catalog for FREE

I also have a post about smartly targeted video ads. What makes these ads so smart is that they aggregate information from many different sources and compile a profile to serve video ads to.

If you are interested in solar technology you will find the article about Plasmonic Solar Cell thought provoking

The Greek Government is going to make a whole island an outdoor museum. Despotiko is a small Greek island in the southern Aegean. I imagine this will become a hot tourist attraction. I know I want to go see it.

Finally we have the discovery of a new geoglyph that is proving to be the oldest in the world. I find this fascinating. It is not in South America but Europe. Guess what it looks like – a moose or in Europe it would be called an elk.

Andrew's Google Plus 11-4-14
Andrew’s Google Plus 11-4-14

On to  my Google Plus Business page

Tumblr updates its video player. I am a Tumblr fan so I found this more interesting than others my age.

The politics of solar power and how regulators are trying to develop metering choices.

More about SolarCity’s purchase of supporting vertical businesses.

Google Business Page 11-4-14
Google Business Page 11-4-14

Information about Google search updates. everyone online should at least be aware of what Google search is up to, at least as best as we can

I also found a post about influencer video marketing. I have a friend who is quite active in this video niche. You might even see his picture in some of the older posts.

Sponsorship is something I have been thinking of and reading more about lately. So it should come as no surprise that I have posted an article about “Measuring sponsorship ROI: when the wrong people buy corporate sponsorship on your behalf.” learn what the difference is between donations and sponsorships.

I also have another video posted on G+ about using video for business. I thought this video was quite inspiring.

News about my G+ dog training page
On my Adaptive Dog Training page I am at 1,274 followers. As best as I can remember it was just about a year ago that I decided to get the follower count to 500. I recently started using that page again and I’m starting to see more engagement on the page and the followers are increasing too.

On Pinterest I found a mantis chasing a red laser pointer and thought it was interesting since dogs and cats do the same thing. The link takes you to the GIF

My new Pinterest lighting board is at http://www.pinterest.com/andrewledford/lighting/. I don’t have a lot there now, but I was posting so may lighting pins I thought I needed a separate board.

Last week was Godzilla’s 60th Anniversary!


News From My Social Media Posts

I thought I would try a little experiment and go over some of the things I am posting on social media. If you follow my social streams you will have probably already seen a lot of these articles and posts.

My Google Plus profile usually has posts that I think have a great deal of significance. Some are just for fun, but most have great historic and/or contemporary value. I will also post articles and picture from my websites on this account.

Andrew's Google +
Andrew’s Google +

My Google Plus Business Lunch Club Page is where I am most likely to post business and social media articles and information.

Tumbler is probably one of my favorite social media sites at the moment. So you are likely to see a few posts from Tumblr as well. While I love Tumblr, I mostly reblog other people’s posts on that site. But it is a great place for discovering interesting information.
Once in a while I may mention a Pinterest Post. However, I mostly use Pinterest to organize my Tumblr posts.

On with the news according to Andrew
One of the largest gold nuggets is soon to be auctioned off.

Notebook from one of the famous expeditions of the early 1900s discovered.
Antarctic thaw reveals photographer’s notebook from Captain Scott’s Antarctic hut. Now that was a travel photography trip not to be forgotten

Do you remember the sensation the Hobbit people of Indonesia caused? Well there is some evidence that they may be more closely related to Lucy than to modern humans. I remember as a youngster I was supposed to see Dr Leakey speak at the museum, however he passed away just before the lecture.

I also posted an interesting article about when Europeans developed the ability to digest milk. This is a subject I am quite interested in. You can expect more articles about this in the future.

On my G+ profile there is also a link to download a free identification guide to the main types of English medieval coins dating from 1066 – 1544

Now here is something that is both fascinating and quite amazing – a rare textile made from the silk of more than a million wild spiders. I like textiles, but I have never seen anything like this.

Spider Textile
Spider Textile

Here is some news that we should all find interesting if not scary (yes it is close to Halloween.) A team of scientists led by Oxford University in the UK and the University of Leuven in Belgium have reconstructed the genetic history of the HIV-1 group M pandemic, which is the strain that affects the world today.

Now we come to a bit of social science and the limitations of the human brain
The Dunbar number – Can you really have more than 150 friends?

I think I will end my Google Plus recap with one of my favorite and fun post an all black chicken.

Black Chicken
Black Chicken


How The Michelin Guide Made A Tire Company The World’s Fine Dining Authority

More Solar City News
SolarCity & REC Solar Expand Module Supply Agreement To 220 MW

Google is investing in Realistic 3-D that will become a game changer not only for entertainment but for business and consumers as well.

FaceBook Stalker ads freak people out.

I also have an article about companies not being prepared for serious digital competition.


One of my favorite Tumblr post is about nature and how whales sleep

I believe it was also the anniversary of the attempted assassination of Roosevelt