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Google Community Tips Two Days Out

I have been pretty much immersed in my Google community for the last couple of day. At least in my spare time. The Dogs community is a little over 2 days old. Every day has provided a chance to learn more about community features and behavior.

How To Turn Off Google Community Email Notification
How To Turn Off Google Communities Email Notification

If you join many communities, or an active one, you’re going to get a ton of notifications. So you need to make sure you turn Google community notifications off. If you don’t your email will get flooded. You turn the email notification off by changing it next to the bell icon under the community profile picture. Check out the red circle in the graphic.


I have to say I really like the people I have met through my community. Actually it’s more like our community. I’m still formulating policies for the community. How it will fit into future plans is stilt not decided. Earlier today I saw someone questioning whether a community was worth the time it take to manage it.

It seems that Google+ communities are moving fast. Some of this info I already knew when I started the Dogs community on December 6. The new group was started in a hurry so I didn’t take a lot of time to think through some of my decisions.

If you do not yet have a G+ community I recommend that you consider whether you want them to be public or private.

Many of us want to connect with people who will become our customers. This usually means people need to find us and public communities are the ones that show up in search. You will have two choices when you go public.

The first choice is what I’ll call and open community. This community is open to anyone who wants to join and is indexed in search. Also anyone can see posts sent to this type of community.

The second public community is membership moderated. Anyone can ask to join, but a moderator needs to approve them. People are also able to find this type of community through search and all post are viewable by the general public.

The second types of communities are private.

The first of these is the searchable private community. With this one the community is indexed in search but new members need to request joining the community. Anyone and everyone is free to request joining. It sounds much like the public moderated community. However, only members can see posts.

The second type of community is really private. We can call this the private hidden community. As you might guess this community is not found in search results and only members can read posts. To get into a private hidden community you need to be invited.

Once a community is created within one of these categories it can’t be change.

Today I noticed that business pages can join communities and post to them. I can see where this may lead to a spam problem. I hope Google implements a solution. it would be nice if community managers could choose if they want business pages to post to their community. It would also be good to have a setting so managers could determine if business pages needed moderation for posting.

I have heard that anyone can start a hangout from within the community. I can also see where this may be a problem with an open public community. Thus adding another level of moderation.

Even my community with a fairly a small number of members (but growing) takes quite a bit of time. I think I will need another moderator when I get 200 members.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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