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More Than a Storage Shed, It’s The Future

I have the new storage shed set up. It looks like an ordinary shed, but it is a little different, it’s my storage shed. It’s the shed that will hold equipment that’s essential to fulfilling greater accomplishments. My shed may look like a little donkey now, however it will carry the burden of sheltering essential supplies for the benefit of all humanity. The extra room my storage shed provides will allowed me to broadcast life saving information, especially for those in need. Sacrificing my living room for less fortunate souls is a small price to pay.

Assembling this oversized plastic box took somewhat longer than I had planned. However, the rewards to America and the world will be well worth it. The rain put a bit of a damper on my construction efforts. As did my not thoroughly reading the manufactures instructions.

The online directions indicated assembly was meant for two. I can attest that its assembly would have been easier if I didn’t need to use a wall and a few bricks in place of another person.

My shed was rescued from a household that is moving out of the area. It was raining the day I got the shed, with many accidents and bad drivers. Oh, and I had the unpleasant job of supporting the structure during disassembly. Now that doesn’t seem like such a bad job, except it was under the slope of a roof, and the roofs run off. In the soggy wetness I seem to have lost a screw. Before the project could be completed I had to buy more screws.

In this photo you can see one of the holes I think swarming bees might find. A missing screw is also visible
In this photo you can see one of the holes I think swarming bees might find. A missing screw is also visible

As I inspect the interior of the shed, it appeared not quite water poof. While I was out getting screws I also purchased a plastic box. I fully anticipate the shed will fulfill its duty and protect my resources from the weather. I do think a couple holes that could encourage occupation by swarming bees needs to be taped.

Getting and assembling the shed was the first goal, with this accomplished it’s time to move forward with the next. Out with the old, in with the new. Time to sacrifice a few items of comfort for greater utility. I think it prudent to modify my original plans a little. Keeping the TV may be a wise decision. You see the television is still a very good monitor for my standard definition video camera.

After the living room, my office will be the next goal I need to master. For the sake of my fans and my mission, I need to rearrange the entire office. The main computer, the main communication device, really needs to be next to the office door. Then the computer can be used in either the office or the living room. I think of the office as the ships (missions) bridge and the living room will soon be the department of communication. I have to admit no matter where I live the office eventually moves into what should be a living room

While it looks like the online part of our plan is coming together I still need to find a place to keep donated food. Do any of my followers have suggestions?

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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