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My social media activity the last part of November 2014

I always think my Google Plus personal profile has the most interesting and important information of the week. So it is no surprise I lead with this information.

Saturday I received some very sad news, someone who I have wanted to meet for a while now passed away. Some of you may know I am interested in puppetry. Well a great puppet master from Los Angeles pasted on Friday November 28th. I so wanted to do a TV show about Bob Baker, his career, and his puppets. I am sad to say I will now never have the chance to meet him and share with you his wonderful stories. Events like the passing of Bob Baker make me realize how important it is to find some kind of funding for my local Television show, so I can spend more time sharing the stories of wonderful people and less time trying to pay my bills.
Bob Baker died at the age of 90 – a sad day for puppet lovers everywhere.

Bob Baker Passed November 2014
Bob Baker Passed November 2014

I thought this was of some importance since I genuinely enjoy bats. I have liked watching bats from a very early age. The last time I visited my brother in Texas I was treated to a spectacular bat show at a wonderful bat cave. I think I will always remember that night. There is grave concern about bat populations because of their dwindling numbers caused by a terrible bat disease. I found this article that tells about a non lethal means of diagnosing this deadly bat disease. That’s right, there is now a non lethal way to diagnose the terrible White nose syndrome in bats using Black-Lights.

Dogs are considered the oldest domestic animal and there is new evidence that we had domestic dogs over 30,000 years ago

While dogs may be the oldest domestic animal chickens have been found to be quite old as well. This article suggests that chickens are at least 10,000 years old.

If you think those dogs and chickens are rather ancient consider that the small Hominin remains of China found in 1964 are now considered to be over 500,000 thousand years older than previously thought. This cranium is now believed to be 1.15 million years old

Dogs may be over 30,000 years old
Dogs may be over 30,000 years old

Last week we saw quite a bit of racial tension in the United States and I wanted to mention a post I did about the first African Samurai in Japan. He was incorporated into the Oda Clan towards the end of the Sengoku Period

You may know I am quite interested in ancient rock art called pictographs and petroglyphs. There have been some enlightening and wonderful rock art finds in Southeast Asia. I didn’t even know there was surviving rock art in that part of the world. What a magnificent discovery.

There are two posts about ancient trade routes.
One is about the watery ocean trade routes of the ancient Indian Ocean. The other is about the great Silk Road. These are two fascination stories that influenced world populations, trade, and history.
Trade routes of the Indian Ocean

Mysteries of the 1,700-Year-Old Silk Road Uncovered

Preserving archaeological finds that have been submerged in water for very long periods of time is a significant challenge for researchers. Now there is a new way to preserve artifacts from underwater archaeological sites, you can read more in the article I posted on my G+ profile

Silk Road - New Discoveries
Silk Road – New Discoveries

Social Media

YouTube is adding new features. Two that I am interested in seeing are shared moderation and a GIF maker.
I think shared moderation will be helpful for business accounts. I believe that the GIF maker will make YouTube videos more sharable as micro videos. Micro videos and GIFs are a very popular form of content that also have a very high share rate.

In addition to the new YouTube features I posted an Asian video site because it is supposed to have an innovative form of user generated subtitling. There is a rumor that YouTube may incorporate a similar subtitling feature.

My Happy Thanksgiving G+ video highlights Dogs from the Google Plus Dogs Community

Have you ever heard the phase or a similar one to “they drank the cool aid?” The day I posted this article I read a search engine optimization article that talked about how some SEO companies where giving bad advice to businesses. The businesses that took the bad advice were referred to as those who “drank the cool aid.” Well that phase started from an even that happened November 18th, 1978 when 918 members of the “People’s Temple” cult commit suicide at Jonestown.

Check out my Pinterest account, it is getting close to a milestone in my Pinterest experiment. I will talk more about the Pinterest experiment in future.

As these posts are getting longer I think I will separate my personal profile information from my business pages. I am not sure how the publishing schedule will go, but I would like to do the business information in the middle of the week. What do you think – business first part of the week or personal profile info the first part of the week?

I am wishing you the very best,
Andrew Ledford
Community Television
Social Media

Andrew’s Social Media for the week prior to 11-4-14

First of November and this year has gone by very quickly. Last week in my social media I started posting more on my Google Plus Business page and I started a new board on Pinterest.

First we will start with my Google plus profile page
A great artistic and archaeological find from what was Baekje. Baekje was one of the old Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Andrew's Google Plus Profile 11-4-14
Andrew’s Google Plus Profile 11-4-14

Next we have a post about an archaeological site that is being explored with new found peace in one of the Kurdish regions that I think is in Turkey. Kurdish Archaeological site

If you like English history and Archaeology you will be pleased to know that you can now download a good many monographs from the English Heritage Publishing catalog for FREE

I also have a post about smartly targeted video ads. What makes these ads so smart is that they aggregate information from many different sources and compile a profile to serve video ads to.

If you are interested in solar technology you will find the article about Plasmonic Solar Cell thought provoking

The Greek Government is going to make a whole island an outdoor museum. Despotiko is a small Greek island in the southern Aegean. I imagine this will become a hot tourist attraction. I know I want to go see it.

Finally we have the discovery of a new geoglyph that is proving to be the oldest in the world. I find this fascinating. It is not in South America but Europe. Guess what it looks like – a moose or in Europe it would be called an elk.

Andrew's Google Plus 11-4-14
Andrew’s Google Plus 11-4-14

On to  my Google Plus Business page

Tumblr updates its video player. I am a Tumblr fan so I found this more interesting than others my age.

The politics of solar power and how regulators are trying to develop metering choices.

More about SolarCity’s purchase of supporting vertical businesses.

Google Business Page 11-4-14
Google Business Page 11-4-14

Information about Google search updates. everyone online should at least be aware of what Google search is up to, at least as best as we can

I also found a post about influencer video marketing. I have a friend who is quite active in this video niche. You might even see his picture in some of the older posts.

Sponsorship is something I have been thinking of and reading more about lately. So it should come as no surprise that I have posted an article about “Measuring sponsorship ROI: when the wrong people buy corporate sponsorship on your behalf.” learn what the difference is between donations and sponsorships.

I also have another video posted on G+ about using video for business. I thought this video was quite inspiring.

News about my G+ dog training page
On my Adaptive Dog Training page I am at 1,274 followers. As best as I can remember it was just about a year ago that I decided to get the follower count to 500. I recently started using that page again and I’m starting to see more engagement on the page and the followers are increasing too.

On Pinterest I found a mantis chasing a red laser pointer and thought it was interesting since dogs and cats do the same thing. The link takes you to the GIF

My new Pinterest lighting board is at http://www.pinterest.com/andrewledford/lighting/. I don’t have a lot there now, but I was posting so may lighting pins I thought I needed a separate board.

Last week was Godzilla’s 60th Anniversary!


Google Plus Communities Two Months Out

By Andrew Ledford

G+ Dogs Community
G+ Dogs Community

It has been about two months since G+ came out with communities. I was fortunate to start one of the first communities after they were opened to the general public. I have also started several smaller niche communities. The G+ Dogs community is quite large and presents some unique challenges. My smaller communities have their own problems and opportunities.

The Dogs community has seen an increase in spam lately. But Google’s spam filters are also becoming better at catching these posts before they hit the main stream.

In the last week Google has come out with two new features for communities that make management so much easier. Community moderators can now remove comments and search for members. Having the ability to remove comments give moderators a great deal more control over spam. It used to be you needed to ask a member to edit their post or remove the entire post. I hated doing that. But if a comment was completely unacceptable such as adult in nature I would remove the entire post.

Searching for members will also be useful especially when banning a members who is hiding at the end of the members list.

There has also been and update to the android app for G+ community moderators. The new app adds essential management features to mobile. With the new app you can promote, remove, or ban members from communities. These are the essentials but you can also restore or remove posts that were marked for review. This is a lot of what I do, many posts get marked for review. If not reviewed quickly some people get a little impatient with waiting to see their post on the community. This was very much needed.

One of the problems I have run into is that a community doesn’t always develop the way one would wish. My Dog Blogging and Social Media community did not work as I wanted it to as a private community. I decided to relaunched it as a public community. The problem is not everyone has moved to the new public version. The private version of the community is one of the largest dog blogging communities on G+. The new Dog Blog and social Media community not so big.

Once you start a community the form you choose whether public or private is set and cannot be changed. Choose wisely. I will keep you updated on how easy it is to rebuild membership in the weeks to come.

G+ Pet Business Community
G+ Pet Business Community

One community that I am working on that has a lot of potential is the Pet Business community. From what I can tell most of the people in this community do not use Google Plus a whole lot. I believe once they get started, many will find it more valuable than some of the other social networking sites. Especially with the new restrictions FB has placed on accessing your hard earned fans. Just a note if you are requesting to join the Pet Business community you will need to have information in your profile letting me know you are in fact involved in the pet industry.

It is a best practice to have your profile filled out because many people will decide whether to circle you or not based on the hover card. The hover card is the information that pops up when you mouseover or put your cursor on someone’s avatar.

Circles are how people are organized in Google Plus. When you circle someone you are then following them.

One problem communities have created is multiple posts of the same content to one’s personal stream. If you post to a community and also post to your personal stream the same post will be seen twice on you profile page. Many people think this looks spammy.

There have been different strategies for working around the etiquette of pretty posting. But at this time there is no good solution. Some people recommend posting first to the community and then sharing the post publicly to your stream. There are others who recommend sharing first to a business page and then to a community and then to your public stream. I think I may start experimenting with this method. There also more elaborate schemes that may work better but seem a little tacky. If you had a network dedicated to posting content back to communities this may be a good short term solution. I am sure Google will make improvements to sharing in the near future.

Wishing you the very best in dogs and in life,
Andrew Ledford

Twitter, Google Plus Communities and Linking

When I first started using twitter people actually communicated in 140 characters. They wrote whole ideas that did not need a link to follow. It was headline communication. Now it seems twitter is a massive link broadcasting system. My impression of the current Twitter is that it’s more about sharing (promoting) links than bite size information. Some of my friends who are marketers never respond to me on twitter, but I get a whole lot of links from them.

Most of my business/marketing friends on twitter would think it’s a waste of time and a tweet if you are not marketing while on twitter. Although it can be a very soft sell. You could even call it selling without selling. But it does not have the same feeling of real sharing that it did in the early days.

Dogs Community on Google+
Dogs Community on Google+

My experience with twitter is shaping the linking policy on my Google Plus community. I would like people to get the majority of community information from the community not from a linked website. As Google+ becomes more popular it will get noisier.

The way G+ communities are designed makes them less valuable for link broadcasting than they could be. That same design element also means that important community news is difficult to see for the casual user.

One of the benefits and drawbacks to the community design is that posts go by in a stream of information. In fairly active community such as Dogs you may need to go thought 200 or more posts to see what happened that morning. Less now that I have implemented a new policy about picture posting. More on that in a future post. But, having content pushed down does makes it so link-litter gets buried fairly quickly. That is unless the volume of lint-litter increases significantly.

There are two YouTube Communities I belong to. One is well moderated and does not allow outbound links, the other is a free-for-all post as many YouTube video links as you like. The one with a lot of links is basically useless to all but people who want to post a link. Where do I share information and go to talk about YouTube, yes the one without links.

Lax outbound link policies lead to link-litter and caned lunch meat
Lax outbound link policies lead to link-litter and canned lunch meat

I did an experiment and lightly moderated the outbound links on the Dogs community for a day and a half. I did not allow spam, but I did leave links I would normally remove because of not following guidelines. There was a noticeable increase in link-litter and spam. During this time I also posted about the rules so those leaving links would have a chance to read about the guidelines. And I hoped come back to edit their posts. Not one post was edited to comply with the linking guidelines. I even left a message about the rules on one post and the poster responded with less than flattering remarks. Silly me, I thought they would edit their post.

I tried to be more considerate to those who wanted to post outbound links in the community. However after a day of being blog post friendly, people simply started ignoring the guidelines. I ended the experiment a half day early because I did not like where the lax policies were taking the community.

That little experiment led me to the new policy – no outbound links – except for a few of my own. No links is very easy to understand. I have found that people still have a hard time following even a simple rule. The no outbound link policy is also easy for me to administer.

When I allowed links I felt like I wanted to know where the links went to and what the content was like. I was always judging content which I don’t really want to do. Especially if those people are also in my dog blog community.

One problem with G+ communities is there’s no way to have a sticky post (we can now pin post to the top) at the top of the conversation. This means if people want to read the rules they need to go to the categories in the left side menu. Most people don’t even know there is a left column navigation menu.

You can read more about the community guidelines in the rules and announcements categories on the Dogs Community page on G+

What do you think? Are communities better with outbound links, or do outbound links just lead to link-litter?

Wishing you the very best in dogs and in life,
you can add me to one of your circles on G+ at
Andrew Ledford
My dog training website is OCDogTraining.com