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Happy New Year I Am Celebrating With My Personal Posts

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It just so happens that my first post for 2015 will be about what I have been reading online and posting to my personal G+ profile.

You know I am interested in archaeology so I think we will start with a new discovery in Egypt of over 1 million mummies. These mummies are different than your standard royal mummies. The mass of mummies are regular people who happened to be buried in the right conditions for natural mummification.

Mummies on my Google Plus
Mummies on my Google Plus

This archaeological site has shed some new light on what life in ancient Egypt must have been like. For one thing they found a Christian church at this site that was built 200 years earlier than any previously know churches. I believe I read that bit of information from a different article than the one posted. I often read many article about a story before I post it on my profile.

Another interesting discovery at this site is the diversity of ancient Egypt. Can you believe there where blonds and red heads who live in ancient Egypt? What contributes to the archaeological puzzle is that people with the unusual hair color were buried together.

Sticking with the Middle East but with a contemporary theme there is an article posted about how Saudi Arabia is using low oil prices as a political strategy to undermine Iran and Russia.

Talking about political we can’t ignore the North Korean cyber attack on Sony. It looks like the North Koreans helped make a not so good movie a lot more successful. Did any of you see the movie? What did you think? Was it worth seeing? Did it harm the North Koreans?

I seem to have been reading a lot about Vikings and Viking culture lately. The first article is about one of my favorite subjects Vikings in North America. There is new evidence that Vikings may have inhabited areas of North America much farther North than previously thought.

Another discovery indicates that Viking may have had colonies in Europe as far south as Spain. Those Northerners really got around.

There is also evidence that when Viking traveled to new lands they took Viking women with them. Now this seems very logical to me.

To top off the Viking posts I have a very nice photo of a Viking Comb and its case.

Some of you who know me probably know I like cars, especially classic cars. I have a few photos of some spectacular cars.
The first car is a 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis. I believe ths was a concept car, but I am not sure.
The second is a wonderful 1936-1942 Lincoln Zephyr. Now this car looks like an early Batmobile, it is very cool.
Next on the agenda is a custom 1955 Ford Bubbletop. This car was built by a custom car shop. I have met and talked with the people from this car shop at some of the local car show I‘ve attended.

A Fabulous Vintage Lincoln
A Fabulous Vintage Lincoln

Next we will travel to an exotic Polynesian location and a time in the distant past. This is a story about Easter Island and how sweet potatoes fooled scientist into thinking palm was a major food source for ancient Easter Islanders.

With all the discoveries coming out of China I can’t go without at least one article about that vast county. The ancient city Sizhou has been excavated. This city has been called the oriental Pompeii. But instead of being covered in volcanic ash it was buried by a great flood. Some of the photos are quite spectacular.

There was an amazing discovery of a baby woolly mammoth in Russia. There have been other frozen mammoth finds in Siberia. However this one is quite spectacular. The most incredible features of this particular mammoth is that it had an almost totally intact brain. The sad news is that there was most likely some damage done to the mammoths organs as it was transported from where it was found.

Woolly Mammoth
Woolly Mammoth

We finally come to the Turkey section. Yes I am still reading an awful lot about archaeological sites and discoveries in Turkey. It almost seems like someone is promoting this aspect of Turkish culture.

The first article is about a 5,000 year old underground city in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir. The tunnel passages of this city could be up to seven kilometers long.

Next there is an article about coffee and coffee houses during the Ottoman Empire in Turkey’s ancient city of Constantinople. It seems that coffee caused quite a stir in ancient Turkey.

The third article is about a secret tunnel system associated with Tokat Castle This castle is Turkey’s second-largest castle in the northern province of Tokat and once held the original Dracula as a prisoner.

For some feel good dog happiness I am adding the Dogs community New Year Video

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