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SMMOC Social Media Notes for May 3

Foursquare will quit doing check ins and will start to push referrals
Notability app allows you to sign documents and make note or write on PDF files. Skitch also does this for apple products

A lot of social media is manipulated to look more important than it really is.

Social Media Orange County
Talking About Social Media On Saturday Morning In Orange County

Klout as we know it is closing – it may be going behind a pay wall
There is a British site that rates ex boyfriends, like the yelp of ex boyfriends
The web is moving toward giving everyone a rating for specific skills and traits as well as an overall aggregated rating.
The Imdp.com website provides ratings for the entertainment industry including celebrities.

Consumers need to be educated on how to interpret reviews. A lot of reviews are fraudulent. I have seen a lot of reviews that are meant to deceive one into thinking a business is better than it really is. We also heard about how competitors use reviews to make a competing business look bad on sites like yelp.
Most people at the meeting think Yelp is an evil business. Meeting members talked about yelp using high pressure tactic and half truths to strong arm businesses into paying high fees for not showing competitors ads.

Whisper allows you to be anonymous

FaceBook did not invent Open Graph but they did develop/perfect a lot of Open Graph
Twitter is using a Summery Card which is similar to Open Graph. The consensus is that Twitter is becoming more like FaceBook

Clarity.fm a place to sell consultation/services on line, and is like the yelp of professional consultants – This tip is from Oscar Gonzalez twitter.com/notagrouch – a good way to make additional income from a consultation is to record the call and charge extra for the recording.

A big question that was ask is “How do you find an SOE company?” The answer, Do a lot of research and know a lot about SEO and SEM before you hire a company
If you are using WordPress study yoast.com and at least use Yoast SEO plugin
The best way to improve SEO is to “help people discover that you will help with one of their problems.”

Boosting a post on FaceBook does fairly good as an advertizing vehicle.
To increase exposure get bloggers in your niche to write blog about your product, event, or cause and then promote by pinning the post on your Pinterest account. I think was another one of Oscar’s tips

Woo commerce is free however you need to pay for additional addons like authorize.net. The consensuses is that authorize.net is the industries preferred way for accepting credit cards. With Authorize.net you can block countries and types of cards

WordCamp OC is on June 7th and 8th

Talking About WordPress Web Design And Social Media
Talking About WordPress, Web Design, And Social Media. That is Steve Zehngut the WordPress genius showing us how to better design a website

To be successful with a KickStarter campaign you need to get involved with KickStarter groups well in advance of your crowdfunding campaign
A KickStarter campaign will be most successful if you can get 75% of funding from your own contacts. I think getting 50% would be a good bet. But you need to get a large percent of your funding right out of the gate at the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign.
In a KickStarter campaign Video is Very Important! If you are raising funds for a product you also need to give very good information about the product. For clothing this includes thread count and weight.

I am wishing you the very best,
Andrew Ledford
Community Television
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