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This week in space colonization tech

Technology taking us into the future of space colonization

Today’s blog is about our progress towards space colonization. I have compiled one week’s worth of articles showing developments in science and technology that will lead to space exploration. These are all articles I’ve shared on my Google + account. If you are on Google circle me to keep up to date on my curation.

From this article it appears that the United States of America is planning on having a manned outpost on the moon. Our first real out post will greatly enhance our knowledge of living in space. a prerequisite to space colonization.

Nasa intend to establish a manned outpost on the Moon, according to experts

An article about what could be a very destructive side effect of warp drive. From this article it sounds like warp drives may be more a weapon than a space exploration tool. I think before we can fully colonize space we will need to move past warfare. But warp drives may be useful for preventing major impact events on earth.

The downside of warp drives:
Annihilating whole star systems when you arrive  ExtremeTech

Here is an interesting idea to communication across great distances. A bit slow if we overcome the problems of warp drives, but promising never the less.

World first: Chinese scientists teleport data, laying the groundwork for quantum computing — or interplanetary Internet

Changing how humans reproduce could have a huge effect on our culture and our ability to cooperate more effectively. This is one of the more interesting finds of the week. It would rewrite our cultural rules. When our cultural rules change so would the personal rules of humanity. This may be the step we need to transform into a more peaceful species.

Artificial wombs: is a sexless reproduction society in our future?

Another bit of technology predicted by the star trek franchise. Just think if we could communicate with anyone without knowing another language. Again good communication with our fellow humans would be a very helpful ability for cooperation in space or even here on Earth.

Microsoft’s Real-Time Translation Software Converts English to Chinese—and Preserves the Sound of Your Voice | MIT Technology Review

To have a technology that would allow people to understand how to live peacefully without the hard work of meditation will also change our cultural rules. To be more accepting may be a necessary trait for us to live in the socially stressful environment of space colonies. To do this we will need to change how we view our own cultural rules and those of others before we are ready to harness the technology need for space colonization.

Using Technology To Reach Buddhist Enlightenment

A government sponsored computer virus that will haunt society for a very long time. Malicious use of technology could be a flaw to what in the beginning will be a somewhat sensitive and extremely sophisticated systems.

Stuxnet Infected Chevron’s IT Network

Finally I found the use of a less deadly form of nuclear fuel to be of interest. I do believe we need to move past nuclear technology. But using a less deadly form of nuclear energy and one that is not used for making weapons may be a good start.

Does abandoned Idaho mine hold key to energy independence?

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