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Long Term Survival

On Carl Sagan’s birthday my post was going to be called Long Term Survival and Space. Today’s post was meant to be the introduction. However, I’m beginning to reconsider talking about the really impotent things we need to do for human survival.

Until recently when I was talking about the survival of humanity I was thinking no more than a thousand years or so. I hope that’s not the German in me. If we can make it for another thousand years we will have solved some of our most basic problems. Considering the rate at which we develop the potential for self destruction I believe this to still be true. At least the problems that revolve around our emotional reactions to each other. However, NOW is also the time to at least start thinking about what happens in the very long term? I think of long term as a time sufficient for speciation to take place.

It could be the ideas we have today will control the behavior and lives of people 2,000 year or more in the future. I am writing this in 2012

Now when I think of long term survival I am talking about millions of years. Even one million years is over four times longer than humans in our modern form have existed, and between 14 and 20 times longer than modern acting humans have been around. In contrast Mammoths survived for about five million years before their extinction. I would like to think big brained primates can do better than five million years. A question that needs to be answered is, does anyone care? Do you care? You don’t need to publicly answer, but you do need to be true to yourself. Once you come to an honest answer, then you can answer me. I don’t necessarily expect the two answers to be the same.

No photos today. When I was very young my family would go out on trips and local expeditions looking for such things as mammoth bones. But I don’t have any photos from that time. I do have a photo that went with the entire post illustrating one of those emotions most people would say is bad, when elicited in other people. I have decided that I need to become a more skillful writer before I talk about the emotions of reverence, devotion, and duty.

By the way I think we will need space colonization before a thousand years have passed.

Wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford