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Google Plus Gives Tumblr Posts Big Picture

This afternoon on July 22nd, I noticed that Google Plus post from my Tumblr Blog got the big picture that stretches across the posts as opposed to a thumbnail.

Tumblr Gets The Big Picture on Google Plus
Tumblr Gets The Big Picture on Google Plus

Up until today every Tumblr post was a thumbnail in G+.

Tumblr Thumbnail on G+
Tumblr Thumbnail on G+

FaceBook gave post featuring Tumblr blogs a regular full picture but G+ has traditionally not considered Tumblr a desirable blogging platform.

Tumblr Post On FaceBook
Tumblr Post On FaceBook

I have read that Google does not, or in the past did not like Tumblr because it was too easy to share content. Easy to share content is one reason I use it. I like many of the stories and photos. As you may have noticed from my Twitter feed I use Tumblr to feed many of my social streams. There is a lot of very interesting content on Tumblr, and at the moment it is one of my favorite social sites. I do not get any spam on tumblr except occasionally Tumblr will be a little too aggressive in promoting their promoted content. If you have a Tumblr blog and you like my style of curated content I would always appreciate a follow.

Stubbornness The Other Side Of The Coin

Is being stubborn a good trait for a blogger?

Yesterday I wrote a post over at my dog training site about persistence. Being willing to get up every time you hear a dog misbehave and always enforcing commands can be an important element in dog training. This takes time, energy, and effort. To be resolute with dogged determination is important for many of life’s endeavors. Perseverance is important in most chosen pursuits including blogging and business. Persistence can be classified as a personal rule in my seven track system. As I mentioned it’s also interconnected to the rules of one’s chosen pursuit.

What does it mean to be persistent? What’s needed to be persistent? I think a key ingredient is commitment. I would have a hard time doing something that is difficult without making a commitment. I’m participating in a new 30 day blog challenge, but I am not as committed this time around. I have started the challenge already prepared to skip days. If I write each day great, if I don’t, oh well.

She is not a writer or a blogger nether is the dog. However I could write a blog post about that dogs, animal husbandry (or should that be pet foster parenting), and relationships all rolled into one
She is not a writer or a blogger nether is the dog. However I could write a blog post about that dog, animal husbandry (or should that be pet foster parenting), and relationships all rolled into one

In my post yesterday I mentioned a gal I used to know who thought I was stubborn and didn’t like that trait in me. This reminds me of what I will often tell dog training clients, “every personality or behavior trait has two sides.” Sometime a trait we think we don’t want is easier to live with than a trait we think would be nice. When getting a new dog people sometime look for the wrong traits. Having a friendly submissive dog can make command compliance easy to accomplish. However, if a dog is too submissive you can also have problems with excessive fear. A low stress threshold and fear are some of the main reasons dogs display behavior problems.

More to the point, traits often come in clusters or what we can call constellations. Seldom is a personality trait isolated from other aspects of the individual. I used to work with a lot of clients who wanted to own a dominant dog. Traits associated with fearless dominance can have some unexpected and often undesirable consequences. The first one that comes to mind is getting onto serious fights at the dog park.

Now getting back to persistence, while being with someone who is stubborn might have some drawbacks, a relationship with someone who is very committed may have some advantages. Since relationships are not always easy, being stubbornly committed to a relationship may help when things get a little rough. Commitment can be the other side of the stubborn coin.

The same thing can be said about commitment in business and to a lesser degree for blogging. I think writing a blog for 30 days is much easier than staying in a relationship or running a business.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
Dog training website

Daily Blogging Versus Joy of Blogging

I always enjoy writing, that is, when I have time to think about and develop a subject. Tonight I finished working the dogs early and had time to write. What I realize is that I don’t like writing where there is a goal of just producing something everyday. If I didn’t need to work I may have time to simply write. I would like that. However, I am engaged in a battle to pay my bills and trying to develop a way to help humanity at the same time. That leave much less time for writing than I would like.

If I remember right this was a Shinto temple with a little museum in Chiba Japan
If I remember right this is a Shinto temple with a little museum in Chiba Japan

I have an outline for tomorrow’s post. However, I don’t know if I will have time to finish it. I have a few plans for tomorrow and I need to work as well. When will there be time to finish my blog post?

There is also a chance the post is simply too sensitive to publish in the pervasive us and them culture of present day America. In the last few months Americans seem to only be in favor of free speech if it slanders the other group.

Tomorrows post may get edited right out of publication.

My friend wrote a blog post about one aspect of needing to blog daily, titled “Patience.” I do have quite a bit I could add to his article about the intrinsic vs. extrinsic rewards of a task. There is also a little to be said for schedules of reinforcement that may affect the act of blogging. But again these will need to wait for another time, if ever.

I am writing this during my kind of day off. Actually I try to take four hours off every week and it is during this time that I am writing post #2 for today. Like I said, I like writing, I just need time to do it.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
Dog training website


New blogging sequence begins

Can a life lived according to noble values lead to success?

Ancient Native American Trail in the California Desert
Andrew Exploring Ancient Native American Trails in the California Desert

Today I am thinking about writing more frequently. In reality I am writing more because my friend Cliff Cardin is doing 30 days of continues blog writing. I agreed to increase my output, although not quit committing to 30 blog posts. I have a feeling I will be posting more on Andrew Ledford Dot Com than on OCDogTraining.com.

One problem with writing more is I’ll probably need to write more about me. I sometimes find it difficult to write about my insights because of my reserved nature. I am quite the introvert. Usually if people don’t want to hear what I have to say, I just don’t say it. I also prefer writing about events, others, things that can be reviewed, and things I have done.

During this blogging challenge I’m considering the act of writing about things I would like to do. While I’m thinking about doing them and I’m doing some planning, they aren’t in the actionable planning stage. There is no time set for their accomplishment. I am asking myself if writing about such things is ethical. I might never have the resources to even start. They are more like things I would do if I had financial and social support.

I have started planning for some aspects of these adventures, but it seems each plan to raise finances (business ventures) has not worked out too well.

If you have ideas how I can fund these dreams, goals, aspirations, and adventures please let me know. One thing I’ve realized is that any business venture needs to fit with my morals and personality or I won’t do it. I tend to be on the honest side.

I have been thinking about doing an online dog training course. In fact I have already done one, however it’s a bit too much work for most people to complete. I’m planning on creating a new course consisting primarily of videos. Do you think people will want to pay for my online dog training videos? If so how much?

Wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford