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Dogs Make Life Better Dog Centric Social Enterprise Almost Nonprofit

Why a people and dog centric social enterprise almost nonprofit?

Touching and Sensitivity Training
Touching and Sensitivity Training

I believe what I call the human / dog experience is the most important purpose dogs serve in a modern society. The human / dog experience includes people who do not personally have a dog. It even includes people who don’t like dogs. While the Human / dog experience is all inclusive it does place the greatest responsibility on dog enthusiasts and dog owners. People who love dogs are an important part of society, on many levels.

There is some discussion as to how much the dog has contributed to the advancement of culture in the early days of civilization. It could be that we owe dogs more than a passing thank you.

I have been thinking about what motivates me and I have realized a common theme. That theme seems to be helping, mainly helping people. The desire to help people may simply be pragmatic. Although if you delve deeper you will find there is more to it than just helping people. I don’t necessarily want to be a rescuer or an enabler, but I do want to help.

All types of people keep dogs. People who have dogs range from overbearing dominant personalities to very sensitive and caring people. What we need to do is accept who we are as individuals, and dogs can help with this. Once we accept who we are as individuals we need to accept who others are. Again we can learn many important lessons from our dogs. Accepting ourselves and others will make us happier and more loving. “To understand dogs is to understand life.”

Today I want to talk a little about a large group of people who have dogs. They are the ones who feel the social pressures of society more severely than more outgoing and gregarious personalities.

Many people who are drawn to the companionship of dogs are very sensitive. Often sensitive people find dogs more comforting than interacting with the diverse personalities we come across when dealing with other people.

There are some interesting reasons for this that I won’t dwell on here.

I tend to be on the sensitive side. So I know some of the struggles sensitive people go through. However, we can’t give up on struggling through the social landscape of humanity. We can use dogs as a model for what we find most noble in social interactions. We can rely on our dogs to take the sting out of social interactions. But we can’t abandon our fellow humans.

Sensitive people have a gift that more pragmatic people don’t always posses. As a sensitive person you need to accept who you are and contribute to the overall good. This is hard to do if you are hiding alone in contemplation. Dogs should serve as a catalyst to elevate the individual to rise above the adversities of life. Dogs not only make life better, they should also make us better as people too. This is the foundation of my book Best Friend Learning Together. It will also be the foundation of the social enterprise – not quite a nonprofit I am starting.

Today’s post was inspired by a couple conversations I had today on Google plus.

Wishing you the very best in dogs and in life,
Andrew Ledford
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