Social Media Masterminds Orange County Whiteboard 3-22-14

Social Media Masterminds Orange County Notes March 22

We started the meeting by talking about Waze a GPS crowd sourced navigation app that was acquired by Google in 2013. It was suggested that the app information is being incorporated into Google Maps. The next item on the agenda is for people who are tired of being social – it is the unsocial or anti social app Cloak at Cloak helps you avoid real life social encounters by telling you last known location of your friends or enemies.

How many of you use FaceBook as a search engine? A FaceBook preferred Marketing Developer Who attended the meeting said FaceBook for search is a growing trend. What do you think?

I thought a rather bold statement that was made by a member, but I forget who made it, is that “Teenagers fundamentally don’t have anything interesting to say.” and that is why Twitter is gaining in popularity with younger people. Everything they have to say can be said in 140 characters. It was also proposed that this is the reason Tumblr fits a younger demographic as well.

A very clever young lady in attendance helped us understand how she is using social media to help fans connect with each other and talk about a brand. I thought this was one of the most interesting conversations of the meeting. Although we did not spend nearly enough time on how it could be applied to the varied businesses represented as the meeting. One technique was to drip small easy to create content to a community and watch what happens. Then use the feedback you get to create more content that is similar. I have seen this technique used extensively by Denny’s

Social Media Masterminds Orange County Whiteboard 3-22-14
Social Media Masterminds Orange County Whiteboard 3-22-14

We also talked a little about and how it is like Tumblr for text. There was a young man that suggested using it to build a community of collaboration that you could later share relevant content with. I like this idea and may try using it with one of my Tumblr accounts.

The subject of identifying the persona of your ideal customer was discussed. It was purposed that you need to know the persona of your customer to know where they can be found online.

We also tackled the semantic quandary of SEO vs SEM. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. I think SEO as a standalone practice is dying. SEM has traditionally been associated with advertising on Search Engines. However, it was being used to mean influencing search by all of a brand or businesses online activity. I tend to think that this later description is the new norm. My observation is that SEM is the new SEO.

A new device and service that many found very interesting is called Density at

Density measures foot traffic to and from your brick and mortar business. Once you have this data you can use it to better serve and target certain customers and demographics. After a network is built out it will provide a wealth of information to marketers.

Another interesting app that is along the lines of Density but different, is Aisle411 makes it so people with a smart phone can easily find items by giving them a floor map of your store on their phone.

That is about it for this week’s Social Media News
Andrew Ledford