SMMOC white Board September 15, 2012

Social Media Mastermind Orange County Notes 9/15/12

Klout can use facebook business page instead of personal profile \

A klout score of 60 is considered the mark for social media hires

Understand your customer’s vision of your business – serve those who aline with your vision

Sarah Hill for Google hangouts

Get people to do something more than look at the post – to look at your work – get them to take action, to click

Sigmoud curve = business cycle – paradigm shift happens at the peak of the business cycle with a change of mindset the pivot

Use pr approach to social media

Don’t work on non income generating activity

Social media is just a tool to amplify your message flyers somewhat like pinterest for hiring online. When using make sure those you hire are native American English speakers

4 things you should consider when posting on social media

SMMOC Board B 9-15-12
SMMOC Board B 9-15-12

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