SMMOC Meeting March 8 2014

At last Saturday’s meeting we talked about the value of PR Web and how it can be beneficial for raising visibility on Yahoo. it was also mentioned that one should have a really good photo on their PR page and/or press releases.

Another strategy that was suggested was to try to get PR articles on corporate blogs on Friday so they stay towards the top of the blog for a few days.

We talked quite a bit about KickStarter campaigns. There are two regular members that have active KickStarter campaigns.
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We had a very clever social media person that works for a corporation and she suggested that we have a monthly editorial calendar with reoccurring themes.

SMMOC Whiteboard 3-18-14
SMMOC Whiteboard 3-18-14
I am wishing you the very best in business and in life,
Andrew Ledford
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