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Our “On The Road With Andrew” and “Dogs By Andrew” TV Shows will be back in production soon.

On The Road With Andrew celebrates the California lifestyle by exploring the wonders of California history and travel.

Me In front OfThe Camera At The Studio
Me In front Of The Camera At The Studio

Many people know me for my cowboy hat. But Long beach residents probably know me best for leading the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce’s unofficial Doggie Council as well as the Queen Mary dog walks in the mid and late 80s. It was also in the 80s that I had a local cable show called “Just the Dawg Gone Facts.”

Doing Our Cable TV Show At The Pet Expo
Doing Our Cable TV Show At The Pet Expo

I am producing two new cable shows, one is a local travel/history show and one will highlight our tail wagging dog pals. Here is a link to the dog TV Show Post. There are sponsorships available for the Television shows, the website, and for community events and activities. Other forms of new media can also be incorporated into a comprehensive Community Outreach program.

I am offering Sponsors the opportunity to have me as a Community Brand Outreach Advocate for the Long Beach, CA. area, Southern California, or to help connect with a modern dog culture. I can be your Community Liaison and friendly local spokesperson. I know a lot of brands may only want to sponsor the show and that is fine too. I will announce at the beginning or end of the program that the show is all possible because of the generous support of your brand.

  • Do you need a content coach?
  • Are you looking for a community Advocate that can network and cross promote with other professionals?
  • Do you need a representative to man counter space at community events and or locations? This could be a table or display set up at a supply store or a retail location.
  • Would you like your business to be represented at Chamber of Commerce networking events?
  • Do you need a community outreach advocate/ambassador to organize events and create community goodwill?
  • Does your business need social media and website recommendations and guidance?

If you are a small business and would like to talk about new media, social media, online marketing, websites, and other types of local promotion please give me a call.

I have a special interest in local promotions, online marketing, local search engine marketing, and experiential event marketing.

This is my personal page so it combines several areas of interest.

Here are some things I can do for you. I do have other skills, if you know me and think I can help you with something let me know

  • Community Outreach Advocate/Ambassador
  • Content coaching
  • Sponsorship opportunities for local cable shows
  • Personal one on one local marketing
  • Google+
  • Social media – YouTube – Blogging
  • Video and Editing video
  • Dog training
  • Promotions for Dog Products
  • Teaching spoken / conversational English (this is more a hobby)
  • I do some writing, however I prefer to write for myself
  • Domain Name Research (website names) – I also have a list of domains for sale
Me doing my thing as the the studio producer and director for a Music Video
Me doing my thing as the studio producer and director for a Music Video. I needed to wear my ball cap so I could use the headset
Creating Community Video and educating dog parade people about the history of dogs
Creating Community Video and educating dog parade people about the history of dogs


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