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News From My Social Media Posts

I thought I would try a little experiment and go over some of the things I am posting on social media. If you follow my social streams you will have probably already seen a lot of these articles and posts.

My Google Plus profile usually has posts that I think have a great deal of significance. Some are just for fun, but most have great historic and/or contemporary value. I will also post articles and picture from my websites on this account.

Andrew's Google +
Andrew’s Google +

My Google Plus Business Lunch Club Page is where I am most likely to post business and social media articles and information.

Tumbler is probably one of my favorite social media sites at the moment. So you are likely to see a few posts from Tumblr as well. While I love Tumblr, I mostly reblog other people’s posts on that site. But it is a great place for discovering interesting information.
Once in a while I may mention a Pinterest Post. However, I mostly use Pinterest to organize my Tumblr posts.

On with the news according to Andrew
One of the largest gold nuggets is soon to be auctioned off.

Notebook from one of the famous expeditions of the early 1900s discovered.
Antarctic thaw reveals photographer’s notebook from Captain Scott’s Antarctic hut. Now that was a travel photography trip not to be forgotten

Do you remember the sensation the Hobbit people of Indonesia caused? Well there is some evidence that they may be more closely related to Lucy than to modern humans. I remember as a youngster I was supposed to see Dr Leakey speak at the museum, however he passed away just before the lecture.

I also posted an interesting article about when Europeans developed the ability to digest milk. This is a subject I am quite interested in. You can expect more articles about this in the future.

On my G+ profile there is also a link to download a free identification guide to the main types of English medieval coins dating from 1066 – 1544

Now here is something that is both fascinating and quite amazing – a rare textile made from the silk of more than a million wild spiders. I like textiles, but I have never seen anything like this.

Spider Textile
Spider Textile

Here is some news that we should all find interesting if not scary (yes it is close to Halloween.) A team of scientists led by Oxford University in the UK and the University of Leuven in Belgium have reconstructed the genetic history of the HIV-1 group M pandemic, which is the strain that affects the world today.

Now we come to a bit of social science and the limitations of the human brain
The Dunbar number – Can you really have more than 150 friends?

I think I will end my Google Plus recap with one of my favorite and fun post an all black chicken.

Black Chicken
Black Chicken


How The Michelin Guide Made A Tire Company The World’s Fine Dining Authority

More Solar City News
SolarCity & REC Solar Expand Module Supply Agreement To 220 MW

Google is investing in Realistic 3-D that will become a game changer not only for entertainment but for business and consumers as well.

FaceBook Stalker ads freak people out.

I also have an article about companies not being prepared for serious digital competition.


One of my favorite Tumblr post is about nature and how whales sleep

I believe it was also the anniversary of the attempted assassination of Roosevelt