Holiday Traffic and Shopping

I went out to buy a few things today. I needed average run of the mill stuff. A few food items, a trip by the bank, but what I really needed was to get is some new shampoo. The main goal of the shopping trip was to get shampoo.

I stopped by the bank first and that took forever. I should have taken the bank trip as the first sign of how this outing around town would go. Next I went to buy some food items. There was a line of cars about four mile long going in the opposite direction. When there are that many cars on the road people like to block intersections. This made turning into the store parking lot more difficult than it should have been. Then driving through the parking lot is an adventure. I wonder if the other drivers think we are playing bumper cars at the arcade. Do they still have those? Arcades that is. The lines in the store were not bad, but getting to the next store would be more challenging. You see, all the possible stores for the shampoo where in the direction of the four mile traffic jam.

I thought I would outsmart the traffic and get on a freeway. The only store option I would then have would be Wal-Mart. As I started to think about standing in a Wal-Mart line I saw a 99 cent store. I thought, I hate using 99 cent shampoo, but it’s better than waiting in line, and they could tell me how best to get on the freeway.

Horse Shampoo
Horse Shampoo

When I went in and saw the shampoo they had for sale I said to myself, there is a blog post. You see it is Horse shampoo, but not just any horse shampoo, it’s Hair vitalizing horse shampoo. That’s not all, it’s also safe for human use too. When I read that it was so unusual I bought it. Now you can wash your horse and shampoo all at the same time.

After buying the shampoo I got on the freeway and was home in about 8 minutes. It would have taken hours to get home the way I was originally planning. And I came home with horse shampoo.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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