Google News December 6, 2012

I have been trying to write this post all day. First I started in the morning with the idea I would add a little when ever I had some spare time. Well Google communities changed so much during the day I had to rewrite just about the whole thing.

I am kind of glad I did not start it earlier when I first hear about Google’s new feature because today is the first time a dog made me move my mouse and close a window with a happy tail. Yep the dog that is staying with turned around to get its bone and hit my arm with its tail using enough force to close a window. That is a pretty fancy trick.

My "Dogs" Group on Google Communities
My “Dogs” Group on Google Communities

As I am sure most of you already have heard Google plus has a new feature called Google Communities. By this time everyone should have the Communities feature activated. These are the groups Google has been missing. Don’t you think group are an important part of a social site. I have been using yahoo groups ever since Al Gore created the internet and I even like the groups I belong to on FaceBook.

Communities are supposed to also work with hangouts. It will be interesting to see how people in communities use hangouts and other Google features.

I am sure there will be interesting uses for combining groups, hangouts, and the new YouTube invideo linking. It wouldn’t surprise me if John Chow comes up with an ingenious way to use these features.

There are four levels of privacy you can have with you communities. I have heard rumors that communities will be a able to have communities. That was earlier in the day I haven’t seen that feature. However it would be interesting if it was possible.

I have also heard that you cannot change your privacy setting once you choose them at the beginning of the communities forming process.

I have started a “Dogs” community very quickly between seeing people today. It is a simple process with only a few steps.

Today Google also announced a new mobile photo app. It’s made by Nik and called Snapseed app Google’s answer to instagram? I don’t know if Google bought Nik or not. Just haven’t had time to research that.

I also picked up several boxes of business book from Chris Voss today. It was good chatting with him and meeting his dog.

I will try to post more about Google Communities a bit later. I still need to do one more training session with a dog that is staying with me.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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    1. If you are going to start a community I think it may be wise to do it soon. I would suggest starting while communities are still new. I don’t know if there will be a first mover advantage, but there very well could be.

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