Dogs and Clients A Few Observations About Me

A thought for the day
True virtue, integrity, and happiness is found when serving others.

Custom Training Means Every Dog And Its Owner Is A Celebrity
Custom Training Means Every Dog And Its Owner Is A Celebrity

A few observations about the dogs and people I’ve interacted with over the last few days. After talking to a couple clients today I got to thinking that I try to treat all my clients like celebrities. When I used to work for other people, celebrities would always get customized training programs with little extras. I try to give my best to everyone I work with. I don’t always tell people/clients, but I do very customized training programs and packages. however people need to work at training their dogs, accept the realities of the situation, and cooperate with me.

Am I A Celebrity Dog
Am I A Celebrity Dog

Just getting off the phone with a client and I realize I am not a good business person. Why do I say this? Because, I recommend what I think is really best for the dog and the owner, not what will make me the most money.

Earlier in the week I was talking to a client and they were telling me how their dog was really coming along nicely. It also turns out the people are learning useful skills that can be applied to areas other than dog training.

The important take away from today’s post about “a thought for the day” deserves to be repeated.
True virtue, integrity, and happiness is found when serving others.

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Andrew Ledford
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3 thoughts on “Dogs and Clients A Few Observations About Me”

  1. I think giving your clients what they need most and not what makes you the most money does make you a very good business person. Growing a business through honesty and integrity will make you a desired resource. In my opinion and experience, clients will be far more likely to recommend you to friends if they believe in your product. I say keep doing the right thing!

  2. You’re a really great person Andrew, very noble and pure, for lack of a better word. I know first-hand that you are excellent at what you do and how you do it, but as you’ve discovered yourself, you also need to make a living. Somewhere in between doing the perfect training program for a dog and their owner and making tons of money is a happy medium. One that will allow you to do a greatly customized training system while giving you a sustainable and profitable living. Don’t give up buddy. Sharpen up your business skills, they’re in there, and don’t feel bad for getting paid for your knowledge. It is valuable.

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