Daily Blogging Versus Joy of Blogging

I always enjoy writing, that is, when I have time to think about and develop a subject. Tonight I finished working the dogs early and had time to write. What I realize is that I don’t like writing where there is a goal of just producing something everyday. If I didn’t need to work I may have time to simply write. I would like that. However, I am engaged in a battle to pay my bills and trying to develop a way to help humanity at the same time. That leave much less time for writing than I would like.

If I remember right this was a Shinto temple with a little museum in Chiba Japan
If I remember right this is a Shinto temple with a little museum in Chiba Japan

I have an outline for tomorrow’s post. However, I don’t know if I will have time to finish it. I have a few plans for tomorrow and I need to work as well. When will there be time to finish my blog post?

There is also a chance the post is simply too sensitive to publish in the pervasive us and them culture of present day America. In the last few months Americans seem to only be in favor of free speech if it slanders the other group.

Tomorrows post may get edited right out of publication.

My friend wrote a blog post about one aspect of needing to blog daily, titled “Patience.” I do have quite a bit I could add to his article about the intrinsic vs. extrinsic rewards of a task. There is also a little to be said for schedules of reinforcement that may affect the act of blogging. But again these will need to wait for another time, if ever.

I am writing this during my kind of day off. Actually I try to take four hours off every week and it is during this time that I am writing post #2 for today. Like I said, I like writing, I just need time to do it.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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    1. Yes keeping a few blog posts ahead is a good idea. Always having a few days worth of bog posts was my original intention. The fly in the ointment came about when I decided to switched what I was writing about and how I was writing it. But it does seem that I always drift back to the important subjects. Even thought they are the things people in business should never write about.

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