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Are Google Plus Communities Stuck?

I first inquired about this problem on Saturday the 19th of January. It seems the counter on Google Plus community pages has been stuck. At first I thought it was a glitch that would resolve itself, but it was persistent, more so than most errors so I started looking for some answers from people I thought may be better connected than I am.

Quite a few of the top community owners have been talking about this for the last couple of days. Today we heard back from one of the developers working on communities that they are working to resolve the issue.

Just found out that this problem only affects communities that have over 10,000 members.

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Google Community Tips Two Days Out

I have been pretty much immersed in my Google community for the last couple of day. At least in my spare time. The Dogs community is a little over 2 days old. Every day has provided a chance to learn more about community features and behavior.

How To Turn Off Google Community Email Notification
How To Turn Off Google Communities Email Notification

If you join many communities, or an active one, you’re going to get a ton of notifications. So you need to make sure you turn Google community notifications off. If you don’t your email will get flooded. You turn the email notification off by changing it next to the bell icon under the community profile picture. Check out the red circle in the graphic.


I have to say I really like the people I have met through my community. Actually it’s more like our community. I’m still formulating policies for the community. How it will fit into future plans is stilt not decided. Earlier today I saw someone questioning whether a community was worth the time it take to manage it.

It seems that Google+ communities are moving fast. Some of this info I already knew when I started the Dogs community on December 6. The new group was started in a hurry so I didn’t take a lot of time to think through some of my decisions.

If you do not yet have a G+ community I recommend that you consider whether you want them to be public or private.

Many of us want to connect with people who will become our customers. This usually means people need to find us and public communities are the ones that show up in search. You will have two choices when you go public.

The first choice is what I’ll call and open community. This community is open to anyone who wants to join and is indexed in search. Also anyone can see posts sent to this type of community.

The second public community is membership moderated. Anyone can ask to join, but a moderator needs to approve them. People are also able to find this type of community through search and all post are viewable by the general public.

The second types of communities are private.

The first of these is the searchable private community. With this one the community is indexed in search but new members need to request joining the community. Anyone and everyone is free to request joining. It sounds much like the public moderated community. However, only members can see posts.

The second type of community is really private. We can call this the private hidden community. As you might guess this community is not found in search results and only members can read posts. To get into a private hidden community you need to be invited.

Once a community is created within one of these categories it can’t be change.

Today I noticed that business pages can join communities and post to them. I can see where this may lead to a spam problem. I hope Google implements a solution. it would be nice if community managers could choose if they want business pages to post to their community. It would also be good to have a setting so managers could determine if business pages needed moderation for posting.

I have heard that anyone can start a hangout from within the community. I can also see where this may be a problem with an open public community. Thus adding another level of moderation.

Even my community with a fairly a small number of members (but growing) takes quite a bit of time. I think I will need another moderator when I get 200 members.

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Google News December 6, 2012

I have been trying to write this post all day. First I started in the morning with the idea I would add a little when ever I had some spare time. Well Google communities changed so much during the day I had to rewrite just about the whole thing.

I am kind of glad I did not start it earlier when I first hear about Google’s new feature because today is the first time a dog made me move my mouse and close a window with a happy tail. Yep the dog that is staying with turned around to get its bone and hit my arm with its tail using enough force to close a window. That is a pretty fancy trick.

My "Dogs" Group on Google Communities
My “Dogs” Group on Google Communities

As I am sure most of you already have heard Google plus has a new feature called Google Communities. By this time everyone should have the Communities feature activated. These are the groups Google has been missing. Don’t you think group are an important part of a social site. I have been using yahoo groups ever since Al Gore created the internet and I even like the groups I belong to on FaceBook.

Communities are supposed to also work with hangouts. It will be interesting to see how people in communities use hangouts and other Google features.

I am sure there will be interesting uses for combining groups, hangouts, and the new YouTube invideo linking. It wouldn’t surprise me if John Chow comes up with an ingenious way to use these features.

There are four levels of privacy you can have with you communities. I have heard rumors that communities will be a able to have communities. That was earlier in the day I haven’t seen that feature. However it would be interesting if it was possible.

I have also heard that you cannot change your privacy setting once you choose them at the beginning of the communities forming process.

I have started a “Dogs” community very quickly between seeing people today. It is a simple process with only a few steps.

Today Google also announced a new mobile photo app. It’s made by Nik and called Snapseed app Google’s answer to instagram? I don’t know if Google bought Nik or not. Just haven’t had time to research that.

I also picked up several boxes of business book from Chris Voss today. It was good chatting with him and meeting his dog.

I will try to post more about Google Communities a bit later. I still need to do one more training session with a dog that is staying with me.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
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This Week in Philanthropic Tech and News

A bit more than a week in tech that can help our world right now. I am interested in technology that will let humans reach other galaxies, but I am also interested in technology that can be use right now to make the world a better place. In fact the mission of my non profit will be to make the world a better place.

Today I will mention the tech that I curated from a bit over a week on my Google + page. This is tech that can help people now, some of it will be most useful for developing nations and some for developed counties.

Urine into electricity
The first is a urine generator/battery. I’ve never heard about one of these before. Now that sounds like a good way to kill two problems with one solution. This was not developed by General Electric, or Honeywell, or Eveready. Who made the breakthrough? It took three teenage girls in Africa to develop this invention.

Open-source cell phone network
Do you think the cell phone companies are over charging for their service? Are the cell phone providers in cahoots to keep prices high? Help may be on the way with open source cell phone towers.

Bird-Friendly Wind Turbine
Wind power can be an important source of energy in some regions. Now there is a quite bird friendly windmill with no blades that operates a little like and audio speaker.

The Worlds Tablet Computer
Do you think a $200 tablet is a good deal? How about a $20 tablet? That is what one company is going to do, build and sell $20 tablets.

Beyond Free will
Because we are pretty much controlled by our personal rules and our cultural rules I thought this was an important video for people to consider. Understanding this concept could help us move toward a more just society. It could also help us become more productive while feeling like we have the free will to choose whether we are more productive or not.

A belief in free will touches nearly everything that human beings value.

I have talked to a few Occupy Wall St. folks and have my opinion about the people and the movement. I am planning on doing a post about this in the future.

Occupy Wall St
Now there is a story that even the mainstream can agree with. A group of Occupy Wall St. folks decided to work within society’s cultural rules and are doing good in a way that even a conservative might be able to agree with.

Occupy Wall St. Offshoot Aims to Erase People’s Debts

Refrigeration to help low income household in Africa
I found this story about an evaporation powered refrigerator interesting. I have seen similar coolers before. But I always like to see variations on this theme. There is a good chance that this idea could be improved upon and be made something really special.

That’s it for this week

As always I am wishing you the very best in life,
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This week in space colonization tech

Technology taking us into the future of space colonization

Today’s blog is about our progress towards space colonization. I have compiled one week’s worth of articles showing developments in science and technology that will lead to space exploration. These are all articles I’ve shared on my Google + account. If you are on Google circle me to keep up to date on my curation.

From this article it appears that the United States of America is planning on having a manned outpost on the moon. Our first real out post will greatly enhance our knowledge of living in space. a prerequisite to space colonization.

Nasa intend to establish a manned outpost on the Moon, according to experts

An article about what could be a very destructive side effect of warp drive. From this article it sounds like warp drives may be more a weapon than a space exploration tool. I think before we can fully colonize space we will need to move past warfare. But warp drives may be useful for preventing major impact events on earth.

The downside of warp drives:
Annihilating whole star systems when you arrive  ExtremeTech

Here is an interesting idea to communication across great distances. A bit slow if we overcome the problems of warp drives, but promising never the less.

World first: Chinese scientists teleport data, laying the groundwork for quantum computing — or interplanetary Internet

Changing how humans reproduce could have a huge effect on our culture and our ability to cooperate more effectively. This is one of the more interesting finds of the week. It would rewrite our cultural rules. When our cultural rules change so would the personal rules of humanity. This may be the step we need to transform into a more peaceful species.

Artificial wombs: is a sexless reproduction society in our future?

Another bit of technology predicted by the star trek franchise. Just think if we could communicate with anyone without knowing another language. Again good communication with our fellow humans would be a very helpful ability for cooperation in space or even here on Earth.

Microsoft’s Real-Time Translation Software Converts English to Chinese—and Preserves the Sound of Your Voice | MIT Technology Review

To have a technology that would allow people to understand how to live peacefully without the hard work of meditation will also change our cultural rules. To be more accepting may be a necessary trait for us to live in the socially stressful environment of space colonies. To do this we will need to change how we view our own cultural rules and those of others before we are ready to harness the technology need for space colonization.

Using Technology To Reach Buddhist Enlightenment

A government sponsored computer virus that will haunt society for a very long time. Malicious use of technology could be a flaw to what in the beginning will be a somewhat sensitive and extremely sophisticated systems.

Stuxnet Infected Chevron’s IT Network

Finally I found the use of a less deadly form of nuclear fuel to be of interest. I do believe we need to move past nuclear technology. But using a less deadly form of nuclear energy and one that is not used for making weapons may be a good start.

Does abandoned Idaho mine hold key to energy independence?

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