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California Gasoline Prices Not Too High

As I was driving to see clients on almost $5 a gallon gas it occurred to me, most people don’t think $5 or more is too much to pay for gas.

High Gas Prices But Not Too High
High Gas Prices But Not Too High

How did I come to this conclusion? I judge the number of people who speed as a good indicator of whether or not gasoline costs too much.

I know there are people who think other people are about as logical as a snake. Meaning they can’t correlate how they drive with how much gasoline they use. But I am going to give the average person a bit more credit than that.

I think people do know that if they drive very fast they will use more gas. At least I think this is still so. How much has car technology changed? I know it used to be the case. That is why at one time we had a maximum speed limit of 55 miles and per hour. That slow speed wasn’t meant to save lives, it was to save gas.

Much to the chagrin of other drivers I tend to fall back on the 55 miles an hour rule when gas prices reach a certain threshold.

I am not sure how much gas we can save by driving 55, but I think it would make a difference. In fact I think it could make up for the supposed shortage. I heard that we were just 2 percent under our normal supply. If everyone drove 55 we might just have a gas surplus.

Even if you can afford to pay $5, $10 or $20 a gallon for gas it hurts other people. By using more than is needed you’re decreasing the gasoline inventory which raises prices and this hurts those who are struggling economically. Eventually excessive gas prices with adversely affect the overall economy.

I am not against over consumption, or even conspicuous consumption. In fact conspicuous consumption can sometime be very good for society and humanity. However, I believe we should think about how our consumption affects others.

Each of us has a responsibility to ourselves, our communities, our countries, and the world. I really believe that we should use our buying decisions to influence what is good for society. If we only care for ourselves, or what we can get and don’t care for others, eventually all will be lost.

As we become more caring our level of responsibility will expand and we will evolve. I believe that becoming less violent and more caring is an emergent human trait. If it’s not nurtured in small way it could undergo extinction. And in a world where even small states will have the ability to destroy the world, that means the extinction of humanity.

This post is going under the category of strategy because it has many of the elements that must be considered in a strategy. It contains subtle but important long term consequences.

McNamara Strategy

I started watching this video because I am considering using some of these film/video techniques in a video production. However, I thought the video was so good I decided to post it on my blog.

Now McNamara is certainly a controversial figure but he does have some interesting points for strategic thinking. And he has proven to be successful personally if not globally.

The video goes over 11 Lessons we can learn from McNamara. Could we call this the McNamara strategy? It’s a long video, so I listed the main points.

Lesson #1. Empathize with your enemy
Lesson #2 Rationality will not save us
Lesson #3. There’s something beyond oneself
Lesson #4. Maximize efficiency
Lesson #5. Proportionality should be a guideline in war
Lesson #6. Get the data
Lesson #7. Belief and seeing are both often wrong
Lesson #8. Be prepared to reexamine your reasoning
Lesson #9. In order to do good, you may have to engage in evil
Lesson #10. Never say never
Lesson #11. You can’t change human nature.

Content Creation / Strategy Takes Time Effort and Creativity

I am now in the process of implementing a content strategy I designed for a potential client who is also in the pet industry. It turns out the client didn’t hire me so I am free to use the plan for my own business. As I’m working my new plan I realize I was going to significantly under charge for my time, skill, and expertise.

The New Media Guy Creating Community Video
The New Media Guy Creating Community Video

I am familiar with doing video, so I know it can be time consuming and I know that writing takes me a bit of time as well. Web development also requires an investment of time and resources and these were budgeted for. However, I did not anticipate the integration of all the online and offline elements to be as time consuming as they are turning out to be.

Online marketing is becoming more complex with the need for social media. Social media adds an extra step in getting your message to those Who need to hear it.

It used to be I wrote an article and took a few photos. Then did some editing of the text and papered the photos in a photo editor. Next I would post the article and let the search engines index the page. A few other sites would link to my page and I would be good to go.

Here I am as Mr. New Media. I only used two cameras on this day, but I was carrying three. Getting the photos, video, and story is just one part of online content creation.

Now I need to write fewer words but more often and I need to take and edit both photos and video. Even when the page is live I need to work at promoting the page through social media. To make matters worse people don’t link to websites or even comment on websites like they used to. Now a lot of website interaction takes place off the website and on social sites. Another variable that will influence online visibility is author ranking. If author rank is not already influencing search engine results it is defiantly on its way.

Take into account personalized search and the fact that one of your competitors can kick you out of your Google search rank by getting low ranking sites to link to your site and online marketing for the small business is getting harder. Bottom line is online marketing is no long a level playing field. It is become dominated by those who are willing or can afford to pay. It has always been this way but now the price to play is going way up. This is good for those who own the internet but not so good for the many very small businesses who are struggling to keep local communities viable.

Time to Become Self Sufficient

Is it time to become more self sufficient? We now have the technology to allow the average citizen to provide for more of their own needs. I am thinking electricity and food. With the current electric outage to over a million people in the United States of America it’s time we start thinking about each house having the capacity to generate its own electricity. The power outage is just a preview of what could happen once the stuxnet virus is reengineered to attack American interests.

Being more self sufficient is not only good for citizens, but it may end up being a matter of national security. Even if each household produced 25 percent of their own electricity and food we would be better prepared for a national emergency. Being prepared could give America or any country that implements a self-sufficiency policy an advantage in the event of a large scale emergency. Not only would it help if America was attacked by a reengineered computer virus, but it could help in other crises as well.

The crisis I currently hear business people talking about is hyper inflation. May small business people think hyper inflation is in our future. A self-sufficiency policy could save the lives of thousands of Americans if there is an economic collapse caused by hyper inflation.