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Thought For The Day Rules Are A Product Of History

A thought for the day
Rules are a product of a history

History 1913 Ford Speedster
History 1913 Ford Speedster

We need to accept that our behavior is a product of the rules we follow. Rules are a product of a history. Our past history is our fate but we can change the future by managing the history of tomorrow, today. We manage today’s behavior and tomorrow’s history by changing and/or adding to our rules.
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I'm Cute And I Have Rules
I’m Cute And I Have Rules

This is easily seen when training dogs, but it applies to other areas of life as well. Our dogs are following certain rules and so do the humans in the family. In order to change the dog’s rules, it’s the human’s responsibility to change the rules or add new ones. Changing the rules the dog lives by will require changing or adding to the rules the human lives by.

I was watching a video earlier today that was telling about a time when people held animals accountable for their behavior. This was done much in the manner that we hold people accountable. It even included trials. One interesting bit of information is that in the bible it recommends stoning animals that misbehave. Fortunately I have not known anyone to do that. But it is quite common to kill misbehaving animals.

How we treat animals says as much or more about people than it does about animals.

As always I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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Thought For The Day Acceptance

A thought for the day
To be happy we must first find acceptance.

Taiwan Butterfly
Taiwan Butterfly

We must first accept our situation or problems before we can efficiently work through them. Without acceptance and understanding we’ll have a hard time making the commitment to practice self governance and faithfully follow stabilizing rules. People are Powerless over unsound Hazardous Emotions Without stabilizing rules.


It is important that we are true to ourselves. To do this requires that we understand. Once we know ourselves, to be happy we need to accept that person. We can change, but we need to start where we are at, in this moment of time.

Is there any interest in joining me in a self cultivation dog training Google hangout?

Got in quite late this evening so today’s post is very short

As always I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford

Long Term Survival

On Carl Sagan’s birthday my post was going to be called Long Term Survival and Space. Today’s post was meant to be the introduction. However, I’m beginning to reconsider talking about the really impotent things we need to do for human survival.

Until recently when I was talking about the survival of humanity I was thinking no more than a thousand years or so. I hope that’s not the German in me. If we can make it for another thousand years we will have solved some of our most basic problems. Considering the rate at which we develop the potential for self destruction I believe this to still be true. At least the problems that revolve around our emotional reactions to each other. However, NOW is also the time to at least start thinking about what happens in the very long term? I think of long term as a time sufficient for speciation to take place.

It could be the ideas we have today will control the behavior and lives of people 2,000 year or more in the future. I am writing this in 2012

Now when I think of long term survival I am talking about millions of years. Even one million years is over four times longer than humans in our modern form have existed, and between 14 and 20 times longer than modern acting humans have been around. In contrast Mammoths survived for about five million years before their extinction. I would like to think big brained primates can do better than five million years. A question that needs to be answered is, does anyone care? Do you care? You don’t need to publicly answer, but you do need to be true to yourself. Once you come to an honest answer, then you can answer me. I don’t necessarily expect the two answers to be the same.

No photos today. When I was very young my family would go out on trips and local expeditions looking for such things as mammoth bones. But I don’t have any photos from that time. I do have a photo that went with the entire post illustrating one of those emotions most people would say is bad, when elicited in other people. I have decided that I need to become a more skillful writer before I talk about the emotions of reverence, devotion, and duty.

By the way I think we will need space colonization before a thousand years have passed.

Wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford

Background information from Joseph Campbell

Mythology of the First City States

Today’s post is to give my readers a little background information. Joseph Campbell has been quite influential in my thinking. You’ll find that I have unintentionally and sometime intentionally incorporated many of Cambell’s ideas into my world view. On days when I post the main blog on my dog training website I will still try to add a short blog to this site.

As you watch this video try to keep in mind that it is most likely this time period that the modern dog emerges.

Pay attention to the information about the southern herding / warrior people. Especially when considering the predominant American belief systems

Thoughts from Piety Project

[level-member]My friend William Bloomberg has started a new blog called the Piety Project. Yesterday’s post “What is Piety?” has helped enlarge my definition of religion and piety even further. It also has me rethinking how to implement change without causing harm.

This is an interesting definition of piety. And it contains some clues to an emotion I am interested in. Perhaps I should call this emotion piety? The emotion or emotions I’m referring to are many of the isms. When I examine the isms, a whole lot of them appear to have common elements. However, if I did use pity as a reference to the isms it would taint the word for more benevolent uses. What word to use for negative isms is something to think about. Do any of my readers have a suggestion?

Petroglyph in Arizona
Petroglyph in Arizona

Here is the definition of piety from William’s blog

“Piety implies showing reverence or devotion to a deity, relationship, and community in which both duty and virtue come to mind[3]. Pious[4] is close to the Latin word religio[5] meaning respect for what is sacred. Yet, W. Warde Fowler suggests that religio is not a virtue “but a feeling” (462). This would place it more along the lines of reverence in which the feeling leads a person to an action.”

William’s blog post What Is Piety seem to take a traditional approach to what people think of as religious. I think that it’s a rather safe position to take. I tend to stretch the meaning of religion to the boundaries of that emotion. Not so safe and if it wasn’t for the blog challenge I may not even write about it.

Here is another part of the post I find quite true

The Alamo
The Alamo

“The term “religious” tends towards manifesting right or true beliefs and observances.

This would lead me to the conclusion that religious beliefs and emotions include more than worshiping a god.

Wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford[/level-member]

Good Grief Another Dream

[level-member]Can a life lived according to noble values lead to success?

The whole purpose of developing online revenue is to pursue the more lofty ambitions of making the world a better place.

On October 31, 2012 I had a new thought (dream – I have come to dread these dreams. No one cares and so far they have been a source of immense effort and a huge waste of time and resources) about the course of humanity and our species survival.

Maybe I should change my name to Noah. Noah’s story does in a roundabout way lead to one project I find rather fascinating and I hope to elaborate on in a future post. I think this paragraph is a good place to start making the connection.

Is this cute one part of the Pomeranian Family
Is this cute one part of the Pomeranian Family

It seems that we have the Noah story to thank for the field of biogeography. Apparently questions ask about Noah’s Ark in the 17th century lead to biogeography in the 18th century. Biogeography started with the work of Alexander von Humboldt. An interesting side note is that Humboldt’s family were Pomeranian’s. Some of my less lofty, but not less interesting goals do pertain to biogeography as the Pomeranian pun may allude to.

The new dream appears to be the next step or progression in what seems to be a series. I forgot to inform the dream that no one cares. The earlier stages have not got much traction and this stage seems even more remote and unlikely. In fact it’s so far out it is unbelievable.

The new dream was about the destiny of humanity beyond the boundaries of Earth. If we can survive long enough we will someday need to leave Earth. There is a very good chance the exoduses will be forced on humanity. The first exoduses may not be permanent, but it will be for a very long time. We are talking about a time span that could see humans develop into different species. It is also likely that not everyone would be invited. Who would get selected, who would do the selecting, and what would the criteria for selection be?

Find out more – tune in tomorrow
Same Andrew time
Same Andrew station

Wishing you the very best in life,


365 Days of bow ties Party

William Blumberg Getting The Bow Tie Certificate
William Blumberg Getting The Bow Tie Certificate

On Saturday 10/28/2012 I attended John Chow’s Dot Com Pho meet up to celebrate William Blumberg blog 365 Days of bow ties. Several social media friends attended. William even got a certificate. I guess he is now a certified blogger. As well as a certified bow tie expert.

Today is day 365, YES! William that was a blog well done

William with the official Bow Tie Certificate
William with the official Bow Tie Certificate

Some of my social media friends

Fantasy Writer
Fantasy Writer

Fantasy Writer Sascha

John Chow Online Marketer Extraordinaire
John Chow Online Marketer Extraordinaire

John Chow

Linda Abbit Online Marketing Consultant
Linda Abbit Online Marketing Consultant (I like that bow tie)

Linda Online Marketing

Most of the Group 365 Days Of Bow Ties Party
Most of the Group – 365 Days Of Bow Ties Party

I think our government requires that I disclose that I have a material connection with William. He gave me another bowtie. Cool now I have two. Do you think it’s a little ridiculous that the government requires blogging friends to disclose a bowtie while allowing supper pacts to give politicians millions of dollars? Even if a lot of other businesses are struggling at least the buying and selling of political favors and loophole laws is robust. Enough of the soapbox

Short Video of Puente Hills, Knott’s Berry Farm and LongBeach

I took this video while running errands in Orange County and Long Beach, California. I was experimenting with my camera. I can see from the quality of this video that there needs to be a few changes. One area I need to pay more attention to is getting my windshield extra clean. I thought the windshield was cleaned good enough just before I left the house. However it looks like next time I will need to do a better job. It seems that experimenting with different angle and perhaps different vehicles is also needed. I never thought about the angle of the windshield before. There are three vehicles we’ll use on a regular basis. I can see we will need to test each vehicle for camera compatibility. On this little trip I completed many errands and had lunch with a friend to talk about doing a TV program.

I have been quite busy so when my friend suggested cutting my hair I thought that was a good idea. And it’s also a perfect time to chat.

I got home quite late that night and ended with a quick bite to eat.

First Bow Tie

Here is a short video of me getting my first bow tie from William Blumberg of

I used a Kodak Zi8 camera and you can see it did not do very well. I should have brought my GoPro HERO2 with and the video would have been much better. I have been thinking of getting a bow tie for some time. I guess since I have known William.

Now that I am starting to attend more formal business functions again my hat doesn’t always fit the occasion. I no longer wear Spanish/Mexican style suits either, so I though, hey, a bow tie is just the thing.