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My Art table in March And An Update On My Puppet Project

I am posting an update on my puppet project and wanted to let my friends know it is almost ready.

In this picture you can see the new nose on an experimental head. Also in the picture is one of the supporting cast. I hope to get the nose mounted to the face today and put a finishing touch on the mouth mechanism.

I still need an adult walker as a stage. I think I may also need help sewing my harness and a cape.

There are some future performances I am interested in doing that will require a longer screenplay/script as well.

If you see me on the street come up and say – Hi. I will be a little hard to miss. I plan to dress in black and you should notice the puppet as well. Stay tuned for the revealing of my new puppet’s identity. It’s coming very soon.

I am wishing all of you the very best

Art Table in March With Puppet Parts
Art Table in March With Puppet Parts

Home Depot Plants

I took these photos at Home Depot with my cell phone. They have some interesting plants in the house plant department. Don’t you think they are colorful?

plant and flower arrangement
plant and flower arrangement
beautiful red flower on house plant
Beautiful red flower on house plant
Another attractive house plant
Another attractive house plant


I thought this was a nice green and pink plant.
I thought this was a nice green and pink plant. Don’t you think the leaves look like a flower?
I love these air plants
I love these air plants

Is it tell tale or tell tail?

Is this Tell Tale Sign
Is this A Tell Tale Sign

I am interested in the etymology of words. So I do spend some time thinking about the origins of words. I have done this ever since I was a small child. As I was writing a new blog post for my dog training website I came across an interesting phrase. Tell tale, tell-tale, or telltale. Being a dog trainer I had always thought it was spelled tell tail. As in the dog’s tail is telling you about its mood. If you want to know about a dog’s intentions watch for its tell tail sings. It is interesting how our own personal points of reference can influence our behavior. I imagine most people would not think of using tell tail to the same extent as I do.

Or Is This The Tell Tail Sign
Or Is This A The Tell Tail Sign

To my surprise the phrase is meant to indicate that something is telling a small tale or story. So the proper spelling is Tell Tale.

Wishing you the very best in social media, dogs, and in life,
Andrew Ledford

SMMOC, Lunch with John Chow and a New Website Name

Yesterday Saturday the 19th was an interesting day of socializing. I usually don’t have time to go out with friends and just hang out. However, since I did not have any clients to see or dogs staying with me I was free to visit. I was kind of working. I was learning about online media and the internet industry from my friends. I also had many chances to share the specialized knowledge I have about the world of online.

The morning stared with a trip the SMMOC. That stands for Social Media Masterminds Orange County. I left the house after a quicker than usual trip to my online Google plus Dogs community. After approving posts, removing spam and noncomplying posts it was off to see my friends as SMMOC. There are always a lot of interesting people at SMMOC. While at the meeting I had the opportunity to share my adventures on Google+. Do you think I could be a Google+ consultant?

Here are the notes for the Saturday meeting minus my Google Plus info. I have a hard time talking and writing at the same time.

SMMOC Whiteboard 1-19-13
SMMOC Whiteboard 1-19-13

Prezzi 3 dimensional presentation platform = $55 year

Hikudeck – presentation platform

Mobile ad networks retarget mobile users after visiting a website.

Some ad network for retargeting are

Adroll for retargeting




Don’t click on sponsored stories on FaceBook or you will get mostly sponsored stories and won’t see what your friends are up to. Don’t click on sponsored stories even if they are from your friends.

Garymmay as an awesome LinkedIn profile from Bob Wattson

crash plan pro = free cloud backup for your computer

If you are going to have an event have a media room or premium room for VIPs and media. This is especially important for events like new media expo / blog world. If you want bloggers and media to promote you event while it is occurring


Me and John Chow at Lunch
Me and John Chow at Lunch

After the SMMOC meeting I had lunch with the famous blogger John Chow and a few friends. Some other people who attended the lunch where The Food Cop, Oscar’s Tech, and 4D Media. I had a chance to talk to Jeff from 4D Media and several others about a new permanent website name to replace the website

Dog At Lunch
Dog At Lunch

After lunch I managed to get home to take care of the Google community and then attended dinner with a new friend I met at TimeOC meet up and who was also at the SMMOC meeting earlier in the day. The dinner was also a four month puppy reunion of the household puppy with its siblings and cousins.

Party Puppy Chewing At Reunion
Party Puppy Chewing At reunion

Wishing you the very best in dogs and in life,
Andrew Ledford

Stubbornness The Other Side Of The Coin

Is being stubborn a good trait for a blogger?

Yesterday I wrote a post over at my dog training site about persistence. Being willing to get up every time you hear a dog misbehave and always enforcing commands can be an important element in dog training. This takes time, energy, and effort. To be resolute with dogged determination is important for many of life’s endeavors. Perseverance is important in most chosen pursuits including blogging and business. Persistence can be classified as a personal rule in my seven track system. As I mentioned it’s also interconnected to the rules of one’s chosen pursuit.

What does it mean to be persistent? What’s needed to be persistent? I think a key ingredient is commitment. I would have a hard time doing something that is difficult without making a commitment. I’m participating in a new 30 day blog challenge, but I am not as committed this time around. I have started the challenge already prepared to skip days. If I write each day great, if I don’t, oh well.

She is not a writer or a blogger nether is the dog. However I could write a blog post about that dogs, animal husbandry (or should that be pet foster parenting), and relationships all rolled into one
She is not a writer or a blogger nether is the dog. However I could write a blog post about that dog, animal husbandry (or should that be pet foster parenting), and relationships all rolled into one

In my post yesterday I mentioned a gal I used to know who thought I was stubborn and didn’t like that trait in me. This reminds me of what I will often tell dog training clients, “every personality or behavior trait has two sides.” Sometime a trait we think we don’t want is easier to live with than a trait we think would be nice. When getting a new dog people sometime look for the wrong traits. Having a friendly submissive dog can make command compliance easy to accomplish. However, if a dog is too submissive you can also have problems with excessive fear. A low stress threshold and fear are some of the main reasons dogs display behavior problems.

More to the point, traits often come in clusters or what we can call constellations. Seldom is a personality trait isolated from other aspects of the individual. I used to work with a lot of clients who wanted to own a dominant dog. Traits associated with fearless dominance can have some unexpected and often undesirable consequences. The first one that comes to mind is getting onto serious fights at the dog park.

Now getting back to persistence, while being with someone who is stubborn might have some drawbacks, a relationship with someone who is very committed may have some advantages. Since relationships are not always easy, being stubbornly committed to a relationship may help when things get a little rough. Commitment can be the other side of the stubborn coin.

The same thing can be said about commitment in business and to a lesser degree for blogging. I think writing a blog for 30 days is much easier than staying in a relationship or running a business.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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The 30 day blog challenge

What did I learn from the 30 day blog challenge.

Blogging King
Blogging King

The most popular post was on the first day with New blogging sequence begins. For others doing a 30 day blog challenge don’t waste your best day with an introduction like I did. This is probably the place for you best post.

The second and far the most popular post with content was about Blogging Graphics and Alt tags. My Aquaponics Nonprofit Social Enterprise Project was the third most popular post. It was a tie for fourth place between Vision and dream quests and Thoughts from Piety Project

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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Daily Blogging Versus Joy of Blogging

I always enjoy writing, that is, when I have time to think about and develop a subject. Tonight I finished working the dogs early and had time to write. What I realize is that I don’t like writing where there is a goal of just producing something everyday. If I didn’t need to work I may have time to simply write. I would like that. However, I am engaged in a battle to pay my bills and trying to develop a way to help humanity at the same time. That leave much less time for writing than I would like.

If I remember right this was a Shinto temple with a little museum in Chiba Japan
If I remember right this is a Shinto temple with a little museum in Chiba Japan

I have an outline for tomorrow’s post. However, I don’t know if I will have time to finish it. I have a few plans for tomorrow and I need to work as well. When will there be time to finish my blog post?

There is also a chance the post is simply too sensitive to publish in the pervasive us and them culture of present day America. In the last few months Americans seem to only be in favor of free speech if it slanders the other group.

Tomorrows post may get edited right out of publication.

My friend wrote a blog post about one aspect of needing to blog daily, titled “Patience.” I do have quite a bit I could add to his article about the intrinsic vs. extrinsic rewards of a task. There is also a little to be said for schedules of reinforcement that may affect the act of blogging. But again these will need to wait for another time, if ever.

I am writing this during my kind of day off. Actually I try to take four hours off every week and it is during this time that I am writing post #2 for today. Like I said, I like writing, I just need time to do it.

I am wishing you the very best in life,
Andrew Ledford
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Blogging Graphics and Alt tags

I recently did a post about my friend’s blog. I usually like using a graphic or photo with my posts. Since his post is influenced by Greek philosophy I wanted something kind of Greeky. I know I have a photo of (Artemis) Diana and her faithful hound.

The problem is it was taken with my old 35 millimeter film camera. That means it is in a box with a whole lot of other photos. I spent over 3 hours looking at old photos and still didn’t find it. However I did find a lot of pictures of attractive girls and dead people. Oh yes, there was also a young guy who looks a little like me.

While looking for the Goddess Diana I Found Shadows Of My Past
While looking for the Goddess Diana I Found Shadows Of My Past

I ended up using photos of the southwest. That is if you include San Antonio as the Southwest. Not quite Greek but I think they convey the same meaning for a certain people at a certain time in history. Perhaps they still carry that meaning for new generation. These symbols of place and people may even take on new meaning as time and myth transform them into something new.

There are several reasons for using a graphic (picture) in your blog. I used to think it was good for feeding the search engines. It probably still is. My recent experience is that no matter what I do the search engines, at least the one who sounds like the noise a baby makes, doesn’t like me.

Even if the search engines forsake you and cast you into the wilderness to eat only mushrooms and grasshoppers I still think it’s a good idea to use graphics.

Pictures make a post more interesting. I hope you find my pictures interesting even if the writing or typing leaves something to be desired.

When using graphics don’t forget to add an alt tag. Alt tags help search engines index your content. At least they used to. If search engines should ever decide to ignore these tags they will still be helpful for some of your readers. In WordPress you can add additional information about a picture including the Alt tag during the upload process.

The WordPress picture uploader is where you can ad alt tag and other helpful information about your pictures and graphics
The WordPress picture uploader is where you can add the alt tag and other helpful information about your pictures and graphics

There is some debate as to whether a person should watermark their photos. I personally like to add branding to my photos. The main reason I have not done so on this blog is because, this is my personal blog and it takes extra effort. It’s just one more thing to do before publishing. Like most people I have more to get done in a day than I have time to do it. But don’t be surprised to see it in the future. I was especially tempted to watermark the Petroglyph picture I posted.

I usually like to add a description along with the alt tag. I’m not sure if it helps with SEO (search engine optimization) but I like to add a bit of information about what people are seeing

Now the point of this post is, if you value your time it may be better to use stock art instead of your own graphics. In the long run you will save that most precious resource – Time.

I probably won’t use stock art, but then again, I am plagued with strange and unusual dreams that the average person is not burdened with.

Wishing you the best in blogging and the best in life,
Andrew Ledford