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Business and Social News The End and Beginning Of The Year

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My latest social media, online, and business notes covering what I have been reading.

The biggest new so far is that Twitter is going to launch a new native video player. This could be a game changer. I plan on talking more about this next week.

I am entering a project that may make it so I have less time to post over the next month, don’t despair I am not planning on going away.

Website and Online Terminology
Are you mystified by the alphabet soup and strange terms your web developer or online promotions person uses? If so you will want to take a look at the article about “Understanding Your B2B Website: 10 Key Terms to Know”

How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays
How Nonemployed Americans Spend Their Weekdays

Have you ever wanted to know how people who are unemployed spend their time? Now you can find out – my business profile has a link to the study. The spoiler men spend more of their time watching TV and women without jobs spend more time taking care of others.

I don’t have a whole lot about Search Engine Optimization this time. I think we will begin to see less and less about SEO as it becomes more integrated into the overall online footprint.
There is an article about using words relevant or related to keywords for higher search engine ranking.
The underlying theme I get from all of the new SEO advice is write for the Reader’s Intention.

If you like watching video there is a post about defining and offering “Unique value” as an SEO tactic.

Sharing and resharing content in social is an important tactic for some people and brands. If you visit my business profile you can read about “10 Real Time Content Discovery Tools for Curation, Engagement and Sharing”

I have once again posted a couple of the installments of the online marketing posts from my online friend.
This post is quite basic, but it is a good read for those thinking about hiring a person to do their online promotions.
Strategy 6: Getting the Most From the Art of Findability from the Building a Better Business Website book.
The next chapter is about networking. Networking is an old idea, but social media gives it a modern twist.
Strategy #7: Reaching Farther with Social Media

Reaching Farther With Social Media
Reaching Farther With Social Media

As you can guess predictions are big in social media and marketing at the beginning of the year. I have one article on my page that has the prediction of many people in the social media world. The consensus seems to be that Instagram will be the big winner for 2015 and that FaceBook and Twitter will still be the top go to platforms for online marketing. YouTube and LinkedIn are also a popular choices as most important social platforms for 2015 although coming in behind Instagram. However the most important service/site may not have even been mentioned. There could be something new that we have not even heard of. But I do think the Twitter video player will be something to watch. Twitters native video may end up being the secret sauce Twitter is looking for.

There is a new social app called Plague that could become quite popular. Most social media is shared between people who have some type of connection such as followers. With plague, sharing is done by passing the post to the four closest Plague users. These four users can each either pass it along to four more nearby users or strike it down and stop the spread.
I like this idea and am interested in testing the app as it comes online.

For those interested in commodities and mining I have a post about the top mining mergers and acquisitions of 2014

Pinterest is still a hot social media platform, so we will continue to see authors writing and trying to get attention with this platform as a marketing tool.
On my G+ business page you will find an article with new Pinterest stats, such as it is “the fast-growing social network and now accounts for 23% of global e-commerce sales. This article also states that 1/3 of all new sign-ups are men.” I have been talking about both of these metrics for a few months so if you are a regular reader this should be no surprise.

This article goes over several boards that the author thinks every business should have. I don’t necessarily agree with their recommendation, but they are worth considering.

5 Pinterest Boards You Should Have
5 Pinterest Boards You Should Have

Over the last couple of weeks LinkedIn has been in my newsfeed quite a bit. One important change with Linkedin is that they are raising their prices.
In fact this is one of the biggest trends I see for 2015. As social sites get more powerful they are going to start demanding more hard dollars to use them. I have also heard MeetUp is raising their prices as well. The MeetUp price hike is something I still need to investigate.

Another interesting statistic is that most top CEOs, we are talking 68 percent of them, don’t use social media at all.

If you are into somewhat questionable and sneaky marketing there is an article on the business page going over how to get an email address for making LinkedIn requests. I think it may be good for people to be aware of this so they know when they are being aggressively targeted with less than platform intended requests.

There is also an article about spamming, oh I mean, sharing the same post to multiple linkedIn groups for maximum exposure. I have found that the spam in LinkedIn Group makes them less and less useful

I want to end with what some consider an important part of sharing to multiple social platforms and that is tailoring the message to the platform. This is a simple idea that is more difficult to actually do.

Personalize Your Message
Personalize Your Message

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