Clever Marketing Design and Personalization, Custom Cokes Featuring Your Name

I noticed this coke display a month or so ago in Home Depot. You can get a Coke customized with your name. I also like how the display itself is branded in the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle. The shape of the display lets you know it’s Coca-Cola even before you get close enough to discover the real surprise, These Cokes are named after people. Vanity Coca-Cola for you or your loved one. Now all they need to do is figure out how to add a person’s selfie at checkout and you’ll have a real social media Coke or will it be called social media the real thing?

Custom Coke Marketing
Custom Coke Marketing

1936 Ford At Bob’s Big Boy

Yesterday while driving home I spotted this 1936 Ford at a vintage Bob’s Big Boy. The restaurant and car matched nicely. This particular Bob’s Big Boy is a popular spot for classic car folks. You’ll see a lot more cars from this location as I start posting more cars on my personal page. I used to post more to my Long Beach Car Show website, but I am thinking of selling that site. If any of you are interested in owning a great local car show website contact me to get more information about buying my site.

1936 Ford at Bobs Big Boy
1936 Ford at Bobs Big Boy

I look forward to meeting my local online friends face to face, so if you see me taking a few pictures of a classic car just come up and introduce yourself. I am usually wearing a black cowboy hat.

At The Vintage Bobs Big Boy A 1936 Ford
At The Vintage Bobs Big Boy A 1936 Ford

Google Plus now has the ability to add a tagline to collections

On June 17th Google gave us the ability to add a tagline to our collections.

Cog To Edit G+ Collections
Cog To Edit G+ Collections

To use this feature click on the cog icon then go to edit and add your tagline

Add Your Tagline To Collections
Add Your Tagline To Collections

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Helping businesses and individual with video, community management, and social media – Andrew Ledford 562-423-1691

Google Plus Collections Two Months Out

Helping businesses and individual with video, community management, and social media – Andrew Ledford 562-423-1691
I have found the new Google Plus collections a useful new G+ feature. The one caveat is that they do encourage me to spend more time finding and posting interesting content. While content curation is less time consuming than content creation, it does require a considerable investment of time. I have started spending a bit more time curating and posting to collections than I would like.

While the new feature does take more time out of the day I am happy to report one of my collections is getting some fairly good traction. My History and Archaeology collection gets quite a few new followers a day. I am guessing it gets between 50 and 100 new followers a day. I am planning on experimenting with posting a new video series in the History and Archaeology collection. The new series I’m working on will be called “Who Speaks For The Ancestors.”

Post From My History and Archaeology Collection
Post From My History and Archaeology Collection

I have always said my Google plus profile stream was like a virtual museum.
The new collections feature has changed how I use Google Plus. This new addition to G+ has also encouraged me to change my daily social media behavior. Instead of having a separate page for posting my Video, social media, and business posts I now post them to separate collections. This does make my main stream busier than I would like it to be. I’m not sure all my G+ friends want to see everything I post. I will probably make future collections opt in only. Right now all of the collections are set to public.

Post From The Video And Entertainment Collection
Post From The Video And Entertainment Collection

On the up side I do like having a separate place to curate video and social media content.

Post From The Geology Minerals Collection
Post From The Geology and Minerals Collection

FTC Rules On Disclosure A Synopsis Of Brian Heidelberger’s Video

Helping businesses and individual with video, community management, and social media
Andrew Ledford 562-423-1691

FTC Rules On Disclosure
FTC Rules On Disclosure

Oh my goodness, the monster behind online promotions – that’s right – FTC rules on disclosure
This post is a brief synopsis of the video from
Disclosure – I receive compensation for posts and videos, however, I did not receive any for this one

Here is a rundown of some of the main points in the video. I suggest you watch the video to get additional information and a better understanding.

  1. Enforcement is focused on advertisers and PR/ad agencies
    You need to disclose if the audience doesn’t understand the speaker’s relationship with the item being promoted.
  2. FTC says you need to post a disclosure even if a product is only being used. (I want to see this one enforced in a major motion picture) So much for product placement.
  3. Technically, if you compensate someone to share a post it needs to be disclosed
  4. The FTC suggests that advertisers should not encourage compensation for the use of features that do not allow for disclosure, such as likes on FaceBook or +1s on G+
  5. Links to pages with a disclosure are no longer sufficient to satisfy the FTC.
    Advertisers are libel for the actions of its advertising agency in regards to ensuring that influencers use the proper disclosures.
  6. In addition, the advertising agency is also responsible, even if the advertiser signs off on the campaign
  7. Disclosure contracts with bloggers and influencers are not enough, an agency/advertiser also needs to monitor the influencers activity and if there are inappropriate promotions then the agency/advertiser needs to request a revision to bring the post into compliance.

Video link
Unfortunately the video uses flash

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Google Plus Gives Ripples the Ax And Cuts This Useful Feature From The Popular Social Network

Google announced on Thursday May 21, 2015 that it would discontinue the Ripples Feature that allowed users to see the expanse of post that have been reshared. I did enjoy using Ripples. I am curious why such a fun and useful feature was canceled.

Good bye Ripples

Link to the Death of Ripples post by Google+

The Most Significant News From My Google Plus April 11 2015

Genetics – Biology – Technology

Now that Google plus has introduce collections I am probably going to post mostly to my personal profile. Where I used to post marketing, video, and business information to my business page I am now putting it into one of my collections. Over time we will see if this works better for online authority or not.

What I think were the most important posts of yesterday are
Number One = Manipulating DNA with a process known as Crispr
Number Two = Discovering a new species of crayfish in Indonesia
Number Three = A USB stick that turns almost anything (jello) into a button / switch

Google Plus Stream5-11 new species of crayfish
Google Plus Stream 5-11 new species of crayfish
Google Plus Stream 5-11 USB stick button / switch
Google Plus Stream 5-11 USB stick button / switch

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