Google what did I do wrong?

I am really confused by Google’s idea of quality content. I am building a new website about rice cookers at (Update – I no longer have this website.) For a few weeks I have had a sentence to two about the new site coming soon and it was ranking on the 8th page of Google under “buy a rice cooker.” I added content and now the site is nowhere to be found.

Getting the content is a story unto itself. I hired someone to write it. In my opinion the original article was of such low quality I decided to totally rewrite the article. Not only did I not like how it was written I thought it had inaccuracies as well. I will be experimenting with a new site publishing low quality content because I want to see if quality really matters.

Even though I invested a significant amount of time and resources into the article, I am still vanquished to the hinterlands.

I don’t have any affiliate link on the site at this time, although I will be adding those soon. First I think I need to experiment with taking out the many instances of rice cooker and see if that help bring my site back from languishing in the wilderness.

My Personal Blogging Begins

I have had this website name for a few years now. I never really planned on using it until last week when John Chow of was talking about iJustine and the cult of personality. Well I’m not quite sure I have the over the top, me, me, me, self promotion trait. But then I got to thinking, there might be a few people who would like to hear what I have to say. I do know there are those who would like to hear about the people I know, the historic places I visit,  and the interesting information I learn. You know, like John Chow, or perhaps some of the politicians trying to control the hill community, or a famous statistician who is the only person to ever defuse a live nuclear bomb dropped on the United States of America. I’m sure there is a large carnivore gobbling up the last part of that sentence.

With this we start the adventure of personal Blogging.

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