Digital Video Expo Pasadena September 2012

Digital Video Expo Pasadena September 2012 - This is pretty much the entire exhibit hall. That just about all there is.
Digital Video Expo Pasadena September 2012 – This is pretty much the entire exhibit hall. That just about all there is.

I think I missed something, but my recommendation is stay at home and read a good blog. The exhibit hall was not that big or that impressive. To be fair if I had a chance to hear some of the talks I may have got a bit more out of it. I got there just as a talk was ending.


SmartSound Digital Video Expo Pasadena September 2012
SmartSound Digital Video Expo Pasadena September 2012

I did get a chance to talk to the people at SmartSound. For me this was probably the best part of the show. I found out that there current terms do not require a royalty fee for television use. This is a big change from the last time I talk with them. It also makes their royalty free music a lot more royalty free. I now think I will use their music for public service announcements and possibly on a new local television program I will be helping a friend with. For a couple of years I have all but quit using their product because of youtube harassing me with unlicensed content notices. They told me that is getting ironed out too. I took a chance and posted a new video using some of their tracks so we will see.

Teleprompter Video Expo Pasadena September 2012
Teleprompter Video Expo Pasadena September 2012

I also found a very cool tablet powered teleprompter. This is a cool gadget that could come in handy. Especially when multi tasking. First thing I think of is handling dogs watching the environment and trying to remember what to say.

Unless something changes, I do not plan on attending next year.

SMMOC white Board September 15, 2012

Social Media Mastermind Orange County Notes 9/15/12

Klout can use facebook business page instead of personal profile \

A klout score of 60 is considered the mark for social media hires

Understand your customer’s vision of your business – serve those who aline with your vision

Sarah Hill for Google hangouts

Get people to do something more than look at the post – to look at your work – get them to take action, to click

Sigmoud curve = business cycle – paradigm shift happens at the peak of the business cycle with a change of mindset the pivot

Use pr approach to social media

Don’t work on non income generating activity

Social media is just a tool to amplify your message flyers somewhat like pinterest for hiring online. When using make sure those you hire are native American English speakers

4 things you should consider when posting on social media

SMMOC Board B 9-15-12
SMMOC Board B 9-15-12

Commission Junction Yuck!

Commission Junction I’m not feeling warm and fuzzy toward you

It looks like Commission Junction is charging me fees for selling their stuff. I have been reevaluating if I am going to continue with them anyway. They always have providers that don’t renew for several days or weeks as a strategy to make a little extra without paying their affiliates a commission. I am beginning to very much dislike these affiliate venders. I am planning on selling some of the sites I set up as affiliate sites. However now I am going to take all my affiliate links off all of my sites. I know this will mean those sites will now have no income, but that is just the way it is. I might do Amazon instead. Sure Commission Junction will get to abscond with about $100 but I will not ever say anything good about them. At least not for a while.

First Bow Tie

Here is a short video of me getting my first bow tie from William Blumberg of

I used a Kodak Zi8 camera and you can see it did not do very well. I should have brought my GoPro HERO2 with and the video would have been much better. I have been thinking of getting a bow tie for some time. I guess since I have known William.

Now that I am starting to attend more formal business functions again my hat doesn’t always fit the occasion. I no longer wear Spanish/Mexican style suits either, so I though, hey, a bow tie is just the thing.

Time to Become Self Sufficient

Is it time to become more self sufficient? We now have the technology to allow the average citizen to provide for more of their own needs. I am thinking electricity and food. With the current electric outage to over a million people in the United States of America it’s time we start thinking about each house having the capacity to generate its own electricity. The power outage is just a preview of what could happen once the stuxnet virus is reengineered to attack American interests.

Being more self sufficient is not only good for citizens, but it may end up being a matter of national security. Even if each household produced 25 percent of their own electricity and food we would be better prepared for a national emergency. Being prepared could give America or any country that implements a self-sufficiency policy an advantage in the event of a large scale emergency. Not only would it help if America was attacked by a reengineered computer virus, but it could help in other crises as well.

The crisis I currently hear business people talking about is hyper inflation. May small business people think hyper inflation is in our future. A self-sufficiency policy could save the lives of thousands of Americans if there is an economic collapse caused by hyper inflation.


God Google I’m Moving My Main Website

I have decided to completely redesign my main website. Not only am I going to redesign the site but I am going to move it to a website that is now getting very little traffic. Along with the move I am going to try to consolidate several of my other sites into the site. Sadly I think my link directory is going to need to find a new home. That’s okay, I have not had the time to maintain the directory anyway. Helping other does have a cost. While I am getting rid of the directory I am going to find a way to help those who do refer traffic to my site.

Up until recently I have not wanted to touch my main site because it got too much traffic to mess with. However my traffic has gone down significantly since baby google started playing with penguins.

It has dawned on me that google now makes the rules for how websites are designed and what people do with their sites. Gone are the days of friendly cross linking. I still want to trade links, but the mighty google has spoken and now all yee who trade links are sinners and the wages of sin is death. Either a slow death of low search rankings or heaven forbid de-indexing your site from The All Mighty. Matt is standing at the pearly gate weighing your page rank and judging where thou shall be cast.

This is understandable now that google is focusing on local listing. I do admit some of my local sites with a lot of links are in direct competition with The All Mighty. all my sight are small and no doubt insignificant for a mega giant like the big G. I don’t even think I have 12 dedicated followers.

I think that the internet’s culture of sharing needs to prevail, at least in some form. Even if that culture is in the form of a rogue cult. Not a bad cult, but a good one. A cult of “don’t be evil.” It will be a cult of helping. In fact helping small businesses is one of the things I want to do with a few of the new sites I’m working on. I hope to create a kind of semi secret cult of sharing. Starting with a group of pet professionals who share their websites and personal recommendation with each other and net citizens. This is no different than old fashion social networking. Closer to the face to face networking than facebook or twitter networking. If that works well I have also started a program for local businesses to do the same thing. The local program is still in the stage of conception. I guess that could be called genesis. Okay WordPress folks I’m not talking about the blog theme.

I started many of directory/link website over 10 years ago when the economy was in a downturn to help local businesses and I am still trying to find a way where with very little resources I can help small businesses survive and prosper.

I’m wishing you the very best

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