Background information from Joseph Campbell

Mythology of the First City States

Today’s post is to give my readers a little background information. Joseph Campbell has been quite influential in my thinking. You’ll find that I have unintentionally and sometime intentionally incorporated many of Cambell’s ideas into my world view. On days when I post the main blog on my dog training website I will still try to add a short blog to this site.

As you watch this video try to keep in mind that it is most likely this time period that the modern dog emerges.

Pay attention to the information about the southern herding / warrior people. Especially when considering the predominant American belief systems

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  1. I’ve marked this to come back to Andrew, I can’t watch this right now because of where I am. LOL. But I think it’s good to mix it up a bit to give us more context about where you are and what you are thinking. Thank you!

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