Art Table in March With Puppet Parts

My Art table in March And An Update On My Puppet Project

I am posting an update on my puppet project and wanted to let my friends know it is almost ready.

In this picture you can see the new nose on an experimental head. Also in the picture is one of the supporting cast. I hope to get the nose mounted to the face today and put a finishing touch on the mouth mechanism.

I still need an adult walker as a stage. I think I may also need help sewing my harness and a cape.

There are some future performances I am interested in doing that will require a longer screenplay/script as well.

If you see me on the street come up and say – Hi. I will be a little hard to miss. I plan to dress in black and you should notice the puppet as well. Stay tuned for the revealing of my new puppet’s identity. It’s coming very soon.

I am wishing all of you the very best

Art Table in March With Puppet Parts
Art Table in March With Puppet Parts