I specialize in creating human interest videos and community development/management.

My name is Andrew Ledford and my family has been involved with Long Beach and the surrounding areas for several generations. I am sorry to say, to the best of my knowledge, I am not related to the Ledford Bothers Construction that was so famous in Long Beach. But I did start my first business in Long Beach and I am now showcasing southern California travel and history with my new show on Long Beach cable. We plan on bringing you more of the world in the future. I’m quite happy to start our new show in the city that I have such a deep connection with.

Andrew In Recording Studio
Andrew In Recording Studio

I have a wide variety of interests. Much of my insight comes from observation of the world and how people interact. I think everyone has a reason and a story.

Your Dog Trainer Andrew Ledford
Your Dog Trainer Andrew Ledford

A lot of people know me for my expertise on dogs. However, Andrew Ledford dot com is my personal site so I will be talking about a lot more than just dogs. At the moment it is where I post about social media.

Some of the subjects that interest me are history, culture, behavior, art, geology, archeology, and nature. I also like thinking about comparative religions and cultures. I plan to share fabulous stories about these subjects and more at my new website featuring my new cable show On The Road With Andrew.

Although I don’t remember my infancy I’ve been told stories about accompanying my family on archeological digs not long after I was born. My family was active in the museum’s archaeology program until I was around 7 years old. After that we still went out with the museum but not on digs. I continued a very active interest in the museum into high school. I’m sure this orientation of my parents and growing up around museum folks has influenced my attitudes and beliefs. In my teens, 20s, and 30s I spent a little time prospecting and learning about some of the local mining districts. When I was a kid I used to enjoy listening to Rattlesnake Sam tell stories about prospecting in the mountains of Riverside and Imperial counties. I also liked hearing stories about Peg Leg Smith and was always on the lookout for his three hills of black gold.

Me Visiting Ancient Anasazi Ruins
Me Visiting Ancient Anasazi Ruins

Many people think I like country music because I wear a cowboy hat, but I really prefer classical music.

I have been involved with Public Access Television starting in 1984. In the 80s I was also the camera operator for Starline Productions. Currently I am working on two of my own shows, both unscripted. One is about local travel and history and the other is about America’s favorite animal the pet dog.

I am also interested in building websites, online marketing, and creating media. Especially video. I enjoy doing both online and offline video. I have been building website since 1999. I have also been involved with social media, other than message boards, since the old days of Friendster and MySpace . My most active social account now is Google Plus. I am also active on Twitter, Pinterest, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

If you are interested in talking about dogs, online learning, making websites, marketing, or media just circle (add) me on your Google Plus or add me on FaceBook and let the conversation begin.

If you follow my personal profile on Google Plus you will see my interests are wide ranging. I try to bring all these elements of my personality to all that I do. I think of it as a combination of some very different thinkers of our time. Perhaps a combination of B.F. Skinner, Abraham Maslow, Konrad Lorenz, and Joseph Campbell.

You can contact me at 562-423-1691

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