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Your TV Host Andrew

Business development and lead generation through community management, social media, and video with an emphasis on being culturally significant. I specialize in creating human interest videos as well as community development and management.

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Andrew Telling A Story About Freshwater Pearls From The Mississippi River
Andrew Telling A Story About Freshwater Pearls From The Mississippi River

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One thing about online and social is it’s always changing. There are always new features, new platforms, emerging platforms, and new rules on established platforms. Another interesting aspect to social media is the changing nature of platforms as they mature and go through their own product life cycle.

Andrew Ledford's Google Plus
Andrew Ledford’s Google Plus

I have a special interest in several social sites that appeal to my current target demographics. If I was working with a different demographic I would promote the brand, service, or products on the appropriate social media platforms. My favorite social media site is probably Google Plus. There are quite a few people who think Google Plus (G+) does not have any active users.

The latest statistics I have seen from November 2014 indicate that G+ has 11 million more active users than LinkedIn. While not as large as FaceBook it is still a sizable number, and engagement is much higher on Google Plus than on LinkedIn or FaceBook.

Andrew's Pinterest
Andrew’s Pinterest

I am in the process of doing a Pinterest experiment. So at the moment I am quite interested in Pinterest. One of the desirable traits of Pinterest is that it has a very attractive demographic of people who actually make purchases online.

One of my favorite social sites for being entertained while learning new things is Tumblr. Tumblr is also one of the fastest growing social site. While Tumblr is not too important for directly driving traffic to any of my online content it is an important part of my social media strategy. In many ways Tumblr has replaced the role Twitter used to play in my social media diet. Tumblr does favor a younger demographic, but it also has content that is desirable to my fans and followers as well. Although, it’s often beneficial to repackage the Tumblr content and add additional information for my target demographic.

Because of some recent changes in Google search I plan on using FaceBook more. I have not used FaceBook much in the past but I have always thought it’s important for those doing online advertising. FaceBook has been a part of my online marketing strategy and I see it playing a more important role in the near future. I do visit the site daily and I am starting a few experiments to test its new role in search. In the past I have always received far more traction from sharing privately on FaceBook than posting publicly.

Since Google has once again started indexing Twitter posts I have started using Twitter more that I have in a couple of years. I still think Twitter is less important than it used to be, but that could change. I thought Twitter’s new video features may be a catalyst toward that change. So far, from what I have seen it has not made that much of a difference

I love video, so YouTube is part of my marketing mix. Video is becoming more and more important for all types of marketing. If used well, video engages more of the five senses that most other forms of online content.

Andrew Ledford Your TV Video Host And Community Outreach Ambassador
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Each person needs a social media plan tailored to their unique business and market.

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